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Limited Life Count System

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    LifeMC - Limited Life Count System

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  2. I don't understand this custom item please help.

    It wouldn't be better to add options.

    Custom items: true
    Name: 'Name Items'
    - 'test'
    - 'test2'

  3. Plugins most always recognize custom items by what is contained in their lore. If you have a plugin that generates a custom item with the lore "This is a special axe", you can designate in the LifeMC config as such:

    Edible custom items' lore contains:
    - [LifeMC] #these two default lores are just examples added by the plugin
    - life item
    - special axe #any of these added entries would work. You don't need all of them, they are just a few examples of what would work
    - This is a special axe
    - axe

    The reason I don't use the name of the custom item, is because the name is only read based off the display name, as that is all a plugin can do. The display name of an item can easily be manipulated using an anvil, making it easily exploitable.
  4. Hello. Is there any way to add TempBan time countdown to the Kick Off screen? Or date when player will be unbanned. In attachment send what screen I'm talking about :p Thank you in advance.

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  5. Sorry for getting back late. Yes, I believe that is feasible. I have other projects I'm working on at the moment, so it may take a couple of days to get around to it.
  6. Has this project been abandoned?
  7. Not quite, I just don't have much time or energy to work on it regularly. But I. Response to your issue, I have tested its use with Placeholder API on the last version this was updated for and it worked fine. I have no idea about later versions or if placeholderapi updated as well. I noticed in your screenshot you included that you used a placeholder from another plugin that didn't register either. Are you sure the way you are implementi g the placeholderapi is correct, and that you have gotten it to work before testing with LifeMC?
  8. Regardless, I will try to find time this week to develop and push an update, including possible placeholderapi fix and a few additional requested features.
  9. If you could let me know what version you used, Just tried 2.10.6 P-API (Newest before 26 July 2020) but still no luck ;-;
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  10. Any further advancements on the API issue?
  11. Hello. I saw in the description you made it an option to give a player a life once they kill another player. This means that you have a way to detect a pvp cause of death. I have been trying to create a plugin where a player only looses a life if they die to another player, so if they died to fall damage a life wouldn't be removed. But I haven't figured out how to differentiate between a pvp, or a normal death. How did you do this?
  12. Sorry for the late response. I have been pretty inactive in the programming scene lately, but the source for this plugin is public. Please refer to https://github.com/BlueMond/LifeMC. You will find the event you are looking for in the listener class PlayerKillsPlayerListener. It is an elaboration of the onPlayerDeathEvent event.
  13. Hello, I was wandering if a system where players receive a life every day could be implemented? I have been trying to use a skript to add lives every 24 hours but it surpasses the life limit. Thx in advance for reading this.