Spigot Lightnings (Particle Effects) [1.13] 1.3

Shoot lightnings like your favourite Sith Lords. Can damage entities!

  1. petomka submitted a new resource:

    Lightnings - Shoot lightnings like your favourite Sith Lords.

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  2. how do you shoot lightning when you install the plugin? @petomka
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  3. Ah yeah right I somehow forgot to mention. I'll add that.
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  4. Nice plugin, is the lightning supposed to be red though? Also when I set my lightning rod on an end rod and right click towards the ground it places it down like an end rod does but when I pick it up again it changes back into a normal end rod.
  5. SlimeDog

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    Please update to 1.13.2

    Feature request:
    • Implement /lightnings give [playerName] to give the necessary item.
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  6. SlimeDog

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    Very nice, and thanks for fast response. This is a good replacement for the no-longer-supported Lasers.

    • Permission node for /lightnings give should be lightnings.give, right?
    • Entities killed by lightning strikes are not recorded/reported. This is an issue for MobHunting (and probably for similar kill trackers).
    Feature requests:
    • Please add permissions node lightnings.use to control use of the rod, since it can be manufactured. I want to make it a controlled item, and available only in certain worlds.
    • Please implement messages.yml (or similar) to support localization of all messages.
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  7. I maybe will at some point of time, I originally created this project because I thought it would be fun to shoot some lightnings and uploaded it to share the fun, I never expected that anyone would seriously use this.

    The permission for /lightnings give is lightnings.reload, from a user perspective it is weird, but from a programmer's perspective it makes sense in this context, but I will adapt it as I do not really like it myself.

    I will take a look into your MobHunting issue, but I won't promise anything.

    I will add custom messages, but am not sure when.

    If you have a developer for your server that has some spare time, you could also ask him/her, as this plugin's source code is available on GitLab (see project overview).
  8. I just noticed that the functionality you describe is already contained. In the config, there is a permission with default value "lightnings.electrocute" which is required to fire the lightning rod.
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  9. SlimeDog

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    Thanks. No developers on staff. I run a testbed, with a few players.

    A thought: If the plugin inflicts some other (player-directed) damage on the target entity, in coordination with the lightning strike, that should do the trick wrt understanding that the player is in combat.
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  10. petomka updated Lightnings (Particle Effects) [1.13] with a new update entry:

    Compatibility upgrade

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  11. SlimeDog

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    Looking good.

    Please add Attack Speed and Attack Damage lore (or support for lore definition in the config), so that it looks like a weapon.

    Please support lightnings reload from the console.
  12. I am not preventing lightnings reload from the console and it works fine.
  13. SlimeDog

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    Indeed. I probably typed lightning reload which is entirely different.

    AND MORE: I have aliased lightnings to zapper, so that mistake won't recur. :)
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