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Solved Likely the most unhelpful crash report ever.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Eelviny, Mar 9, 2013.


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  1. So yeah, I've been having many, many problems. It involves the server simply hanging, absolutely 0 crashes. The TPS simply goes to 0 and everyone on gets disconnected.
    This effect also creates lag spikes, in which sometimes they last so long that everyone just times out and the server then resumes roughly 30 seconds later... This happens roughly every 3-6 hours. The worst ones is where the server simply stops in it's tracks and requires a manual restart.

    Here's a list of my plugins:
    • Pex & Chatmanager
    • CommandBook
    • Dynmap & Dynmap-GriefPrevention
    • Enjin plugin (website)
    • GriefPrevention
    • MCBans
    • PingMOTD (random MOTD)
    • PopulationDensity
    • ScheduledAnnouncer
    • VanishNoPacket
    • Votifier
    • WorldBorder
    • Worldedit
    Compared to other servers, 15 plugins is not many... I've been trying different plugins, changing spigot versions, everything, and each time I still get the same result of it simply hanging. I suspect it's a problem of my server hoster (creeperhost) and their hardware. The server has 2.5GB memory for 50 people, which is a bit of a squeeze but I never get out of memory issues.
    I'm just posting here to see if anyone gets a similar issue mostly.
  2. Maby you have some automatic backups that happens evry 3-6 hours? If you server has many ppl online and your world are getting bigger by time, a backup could cause you CPU decreaze to 0% due to high I/O reads to harddrive and MAX your low ram?
  3. Never liked Dynmap, try without it for 1 day
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    Could also be a plugin sending/receiving data in a non-Async thread that never makes it and therefore causes the server to hang.
  5. Tried without it for a total of 3 days, no issues fixed.

    Backups happen at around midnight GMT, and the server crashes aren't around then. Thats not a problem

    Probably the most likely option, however there are some plugins that I can't remove to test (GriefPrevention, for example)

    I've also found this to also be a problem whilst using Bukkit AND spigot recommended build, so posting my problem here is of no use. The only people I can turn to is my server host, and I can see they're just as clueless about the problem as I am, helpful as they are.
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    The only plugins that I can see causing that kind of problem are Enjin Plugin, MCBans, Votifier and possibly PingMOTD.

    If you can't find a solution to this problem you could set up automatic restarts every 2 hours or so, but the method will vary depending on your host.
  7. hmm... Well I can rule out Enjin Plugin and PingMOTD, those went in quite recently and it was happening before that. MCBans could be the issue.
    I'm guessing that you're referring to all the ones that contact external websites right?
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    Yes, all of the ones that transmit data externally.
  9. Im having the exact same issue. 1-3-4 hours we crash.

    Server hangs up, no commands go through, but we run an 8gb server so we are still able to chat. Then 1 minute later, java exception time out. manual restart server....

    nobody seems to be able to help...
  10. Happy that i haven't this issue
    4gb ram 3.9GHz
    100 players
    40 plugins
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    PEX and chat manager has been reported to cause lag. Try switching permissions plugins if youre really willing to test things about. Otherwise, see if talking in certain groups hangs the server up. What i mean by that is this, set yourself to the groups with the most permission nodes, then speak ingame.
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    PEX is known to lock up servers, but I don't want to talk about that any further because arguments will arise.
  13. OK, I finally found the problem. It was simply I allocated a bit too much memory to java and the server OS was killing the most intensive process to avoid kernal panic... It explains the error-less crashes.
    Never had problems with PEX before... I use it mostly because of the mySQL and * support, planning on going multi-server at some point in time so databases are essential :p
    That's actually a different issue to this one, this simply stops with no warning.

    So, the moral of the story is: don't be stingy with RAM. I actually upgraded from 3GB to 4GB, allocating 3 to java.
  14. Ok, let me help you out. I fixed ALL of my server issues. No warnings, no errors.

    I run a 96 plugin 8 GB Ram survival pvp rpg server with 16 additional custom plugins. So when I know a fix, you should trust me.

    1. I loved PEX. But after so many plugins and runtime, it breaks. Switch to bPermissions like i did. its a daunting task, I know, and pex "seems" to have no issues...but I guarantee you its NOT helping your server. I used to be a PEX activist until i realized it was causing massive issues...Please, trust me on this.

    2. NEVER use mysql. Im an IT professional and I have a private java developer for our server. I can tell you with absolute certainty that, unless youre pushing STATS to a web interface, mysql WILL SLOW your server down and cause issues globally.

    3. My apologies, I skimmed and should have read more clearly! Im glad you solved your issue. However, be advised, switch off PEX. I can tell you from experience in owning a server with 96 plugins that it causes issues.

    If this continues look into PopDensity, that is known to be somewhat problematic.

    Also...Grief Prevention is absolutely amazing. I donated to it after I saw the videos. Absolutely brilliant plugin!!!
  15. Had plenty of problems with mySQL. Trying to run it on the same server, with LogBlock, dropped the TPS to basically nothing. (Was still on bukkit then) Was planning to run it on the website server, so it didn't hog the processing power of one of the game servers.
    But yeah, I agree that PEX can be buggy, but (96+16)-15=a 97 plugin difference. Seems to be people get issues with pex once there are a million and one permissions.

    Any alternative to a database solution? I need to be able synchronise the ranks between my website and all the servers, since the servers would be identical plugin-wise.

    PopulationDensity was causing some problems to begin with, especially with how it scans when the server starts. So far, so good though. Problem is, it's the only plugin that handles spawning like that, so I don't see any way to get off of it.

    But yeah, no problems now, and I think that the performance won't degrade over time due to me setting time limits on claims and pre-generating the world (worldborder) All problems sorted!
  16. YoFuzzy3


    I've been using LogBlock for ages and have had no problems running the database on the same machine as the server. Right now the tables are ~4GB.
  17. Actually, completely right FlannelBeard. To bPermissions!
  18. Like I said, I know exactly where youre at with PEX and where you hope bPermissions will take you.

    Id do it over again in a heartbeat. Now....you WILL have issues with the chat and things from deleting all the chat managers pex comes with. So, in order to help with this, READ CAREFULLY.

    Download: bPermissions

    Download: bChatManager

    This is my config for bchat

    Code (Text):
        display-name-format: '%displayname'
        message-format: '%prefix &f%displayname: &7%message'
        local-message-format: '[LOCAL] %prefix %displayname: &7%message'
        personal-message-format: '[MSG] [%displayname-> %reciever] &7%message'
        alert-format: '&c[ALERT] &7%message'
        me-format: '* %displayname%message'
        op-message-format: '&c[OPS ONLY] %displayname: &7%message'
        control-me: true
        ranged-mode: false
        chat-channels: false
        filter-ips: true
        chat-range: 100.0
        default-channel: "global"
        channel-limit: 0
        channel-chat-format: ' %prefix &f%displayname: &7%message'
    This should get you where you want to be.

    You will notice that your lag will be less, everything will work flawlessly, and youll be running smoothly.

    USE A PARSER to double check your stuff. bPermissions is complicated to set up but i promise you, TAKE THE HOURS IT TAKES TO LEARN IT, WATCH VIDEOS ON IT, AND TEST. DO NOT GIVE UP. Itll be the best move youve made as a server owner. Trust me.

    Why population density, though? Build a solid spawn, set a no pvp radius with World Guard around your spawn a good 200-300 distance, give that region a FAREWELL flag of "Youre free to wander, nomad!" and BOOM theres your pop density. haha! Let them free roam from your servers focal point! :D
  19. Yeah, I actually found the real root of my problems. Both hard drives in a RAID 1, that went at the same time...
    But hey, on the plus side no more crashing problems with a pair of shiny new hard drives :p
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    Good to here :) all the best with your new drives.