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  1. Hi, guys. Sorry me for my bad english language, because i am from Russia and i don't have a Bear and i can't drink vodka!

    I need this:
    If u join to the full lobby server, u must teleport to the server Limbo
    Who can know, how to do this?
    I saw this on the hipexl's server.

    Help, please :3
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  2. jeff142


    wait. whats the bear for?
  3. I can't understand your question
    American people say what russian people have a bears and only drink vodka everyday
  4. Can u help me with the Limbo?
  5. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    I think this is achieved via the config option fallback_server in the config.yml
    Correct me if this is wrong.
  6. jeff142


    We do? i must be 1/2 russian then, and see above for your help ^
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  7. How to do in tablist only name herobrine?
  8. I read this in a Russian accent. Priceless. Anyway, you'll need the fallback server like the fellow above mentioned, also what do you mean by "How to do in tablist only name herobrine?". Do you only want the name Herobrine on the tablist?
  9. Its creates in TabDeco ;)