Limit connection timeout between servers from 30s to lower value

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  1. Is it possible to limit connection timeout between servers from 30s to lower value?
    If server is offline, player get "timeout" message after 30 seconds when he is usually already connected to other server. Also, if server machine will drop connection without response then player will be unnable to try to connect to this minecraft server again in next 30 seconds because he will get message "You are already connecting to this server."

    I think it is way to high and I want to change it but is it possible?
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  2. I don't think it's possible since your Minecraft client is the one responsible for maintaining the connection, even on BungeeCord.
    Your client is sending ping request to the server (proxy or not) to test if the connection is still provided.
    Consequently, modifying the "timeout" value would require to modify the client itself.
    Again, I'm not 100% sure there isn't a way. But a solution to your issue seems very unlikely.
  3. When I set "timeout" value i bungee's config.yml, then it also affects player's server connection, so if he will lag for example for 5 seconds, he will be insta disconnected.
  4. The server is offline, so no there's no way to do this. This is handled on the client side. The client tries to ping the server ip for 30s and if he gets no valid response he's gonna give up
  5. No, it is handled by bungeecord. I am talking about text message on chat. When I change "timeout" value, it also changes timeout value in connection to server while you are connected via bungeecord.
  6. What text message on chat?
  7. When you use, for example, /server command on bungee and server will be offline, you will get message like "You already connecting to this server" if you will try to use this command again. It will show up until it will send timeout message or connect you to this server after some time.
  8. Bungee.yml => timeout: 30000 (30 seconds cause 30 * 1000 milliseconds = 30 seconds)
  10. Then there is no other way to lower the time out value. You could always use a plugin that check if the player is online before actually trying to send the player on the new server