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  1. I'm running one Free build Creative and 1 PlotMe Creative World.

    A few days ago, a guy spawned so many mobs that the server crashed. And I noticed today how another guy made a dispenser shoot hundreds of arrows which didn't cause any problems this time, but I'm a bit worried.

    Do you guys know of any ways to limit this kind of behavior?
    I've seen "CreativeControl" and "CreativeLimited" plugins, but from the feature-list they look like plugins to limit so players can't use Creative Stuff in Survival Mode.

    When the server crashed due to mobs, I had set all limits in bukkit.yml to 1, but I guess that does not affect creative.
    monsters: 1
    animals: 1
    water-animals: 1
    ambient: 1

    Have you guys got any ideas? What have I missed, or do I have to "live with it"?

    Anything else, that you would suggest limiting in creative mode to reduce the risk for "accidents"?
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  2. Well read the description again, because those are exactly the plugins you're looking for.
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  3. Ohh boy, do I feel stupid now? :)
    You are completely right, CreativeControl seems to do the trick. Thanks!