Spigot LimitCrafting [Updated 1.18.2] (Disable Crafting Recipes) 5.2

Prevent players from crafting configurable recipes within Minecraft

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    LimitCrafting - Disallow player's from crafting items.

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  2. I thought the essentials config can disable what items that you don't want them to craft?
  3. Regardless if it does, Essentials is overkill if you only want to disable crafting specific recipes.
  4. Can essentials disable crafting?
  5. As far as my google search has gone, no it does not.
  6. Post the error.
  7. I don't have any Error in the Console, The plugin is installed i reloaded Server since there isnt any command for this plugin and l have 2 items in the config.yml

  8. Have you doubled check that you actually have the permission "limitcrafting.limit", otherwise it won't disallow you.
  9. Added. Feel free to leave a plugin review. :)
  10. This looks nice for my hardmode server.
    Only one question.

    Does this block item creation in any way?
    Like a make a new recipe with CraftBook. Would this plugin block that one to?

    So i block with your plugin that players cant make a crafting table
    I make a new recipe for the crafting table in Craftbook.
    Would this plugin block that recipe to?
  11. Should, however I have not tested this with an item that has a different display-name.
  12. It doenst work. It still blocks it. Using another recipe will result in a normal torch and the plugin will block that.

    Is there another way to block recipes?
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