Spigot LimitCreative Reloaded 1.10.0

Prevent survival players from using creative items

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    LimitCreative Reloaded - Prevent survival players from using creative items

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  2. Hi. Its a good plugin. But there are some issues :)
    If you take an item from creative to your inventory it gives the lore. This is fine but if you put it in another slot it will add a new lore. So the lore generation is endles.

    EDIT: Fixed it. Sorry my fault -> I tried the /clearlore command but it says. It doesnt have the creative lore.

    Keep up the good work :)
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  3. Even when I'm not in creative, when I do any command it said "This command is disabled in Creative Mode". What did I do wrong? Can you please help?
  4. hey can u help me? when i drag and drop an item from gm1 there is no lore on the item. How can i fix this?
  5. Most recent version is a download to your claimlevels plugin, not this plugin.
  6. This currently still holds true, @Zenya4
  7. This is a really nice plugin, thank you! I found a way to exploit creative by using anvils though. If I create a diamond sword in survival and then take out an enchant book from creative, the book will have the correct lore but after combining it with the sword, it will loose it and I get a usable enchanted sword for "free" for survival.

    EDIT: found another bug - if you're in creative and take anything from the survival inventory, it will mark the item as taken from creative and will destroy the possibilit to use it in survival, even though the item actually is from survival
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