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  1. Ok so everyone knows to use either Anti cheat or NoCheatPlus on their servers to stop lots of hacking however I am doing a server reset and was thinking what else is there?

    So my question really is are there any other plugins, tweaks, settings that can be updated to limit cheating in addition to those above?


    Using spigots in built Orebfuscator.

    And what do you think is better Anti cheat or NoCheatPlus (overall), I have been struggling with this dialemma for over a year.

    BTW my server is a raiding / PvP server.
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    I always used NCP, was always able to tweak it to not have any false positives and still catch 90% of hacked clients, other 10% were so obvious they could be seen from a mile away.

    If you are running a creative world or item spawning and just want to cover youself, is quite useful.

    If you want to secure the server's console a bit more, ConsoleProtect means that people will need to get the password seems the dev is inactive though, so it might be worthwhile to download the source and add this pull request in.

    I have heard murmurs about NanoGuard, but I always found it a bit buggy myself.
  3. I personally like NCP since I used NC from the early days and always liked the feel to it. I tried switching to anti-cheat once, but found it was harder to configure the way I wanted and didn't have as many of the features that I wanted. But that was a while ago, so things may have changed.
  4. NoCheatPlus is better than AntiCheat, in my opinion. From what I've heard/experienced in the past, AntiCheat has been riddled with unusual bugs that may annoy regular players. NoCheatPlus seems a bit more active in development and has more features/blocks that are simply done better than in comparison to AntiCheat.
    You may opt to use the actual Orebfuscator plugin instead of the built-in anti x-ray to trade in performance for more features, such as proximity hider.
    It may also be a good idea to periodically check up on certain players while vanished (or disguised?) , in order to look for any suspicious actions.

    I've been following NanoGuard development since the start of the project, but what interests me more are the proxy and front-end defenses.