Limiting command suggestions for non-OP players

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  1. Hi, some time ago I limited the tab-complete setting in spigot.yml to 3, so that players wouldn't get a mile-long list of command suggestions after typing just one character (it used to freeze up the client for a moment). The result is that when a player replies to a PM using /r, their whole message in the text box is red while typing. I'm thinking that if the suggestions were limited to only those commands that a player can actually use (based on their permissions), I would be able to remove the tab-complete limit and it would all look nicer. My permissions.yml file in Bukkit is empty, as I'm currently using PermissionsEx. I hear it would be wiser to switch to LuckPerms, but would it make any difference in this?

    Another thought - the suggestions also include command aliases, which is very cool, as I have a lot of custom commands set up this way. If the suggestions were limitable by permissions, that would be perfect. Any experience/thoughts?
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  2. Hello.

    Under my opinion (What I think understand about what you have written is), I recommend you to use LuckPerms, its better and updated, and, if you set properly the permissions, the tab-complete (at least as I saw) will be limited only based on their permissions.

    Hope I helped!
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  3. You've confirmed my suspicion that LuckPerms could help with this. I'll definitely test it out and see if it helped. Thanks!
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