Lining up Chunk corner with worldborder

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  1. Hi, i own a faction server and i have recently found a issue with my servers chunks and worldborder. I am wanting the corner of the chunk next to the border to line up perfectly with the worldborder. I use /worldborder for the border, this is the border i want the chunks to line up with and i use the worldborder plugin for stopping people from enderpearling out of the default border. The dimensions of the world are 20k x 20k. If anyone knows how to do this i would appreciate you telling me and solving my issue. Thanks, Tox.
  2. Try centering the WorldBorder on you, and try standing at 0,0 (teleport with commands), at the center of a block, then try 0,0 on the corner of the block, I've never had this issue.
  3. What do you mean by corner of the block?
  4. If you stand in the middle of the block your coordinates are x.500 and y.500. If you will stand on the corner of a block and will get it to work so its 0.000 and 0.000 everything should be fine.
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  5. I want these lines to match up to the border (the lines are hard to see but they are orange)