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  1. Ok, so i want to link a bungee to a bungee, how can i do that ?

    For instance My bungee server () Linking to another bungee server ()

    But you cant run 2 bungees ?


  2. Well, there are some servers that do it, what is the way around it ?
  3. md_5

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    Every bungee goes to every server
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  4. jeff142


    I have often wished i could point a bungee at a bungee. Seams crazy but when you think about it, consider if you have 2 main boxs with 100mbps links then your internal network is 1gbps, i would want to point my 2 at one for the easyness of only having 1 config.

    Well thare are a other and likely better ways i understand why you would want to
  5. LiLChris

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    I have been trying to tell you this all week when you Skype me, I wasn't ignoring you...
    Which is why I told you if you wanted to do this we would have to make some sort of Lobby or it wouldn't make any sense.

    Both Bungee connections pointed to the Lobby/Hub and players would then decide which way to go.

    That wasn't even what I originally wanted to do but figured I would give it a shot with you, it was suppose to be a Minigame server where we both would point our Bungee to and have a constantly full game server.
    Your Minigame server usually has 10 players each time I checked so it would have been an improvement so they had people to play with.

    I see you posted an Ad for connecting, I wish you good luck for now till you figure out how all this works. :)