1.12.2 Linking custom RP and plugins with Optifine to create multiple horse skin options

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  1. Hello! I am a staff member on an equestrian (horse) server. We run on Spigot and most of our plugins are custom. We have a custom resource pack that gives many different coat colors and markings to our horses. We set the colors with a chat GUI. We are on 1.12.2. Right now, we can only use the texture options provided by the vanilla game that include 7 basic colors of the horses, and 5 markings (patterns) that apply to one of each horse. We have reworked these to our own textures, however we would love to give our players more options.
    (This applies to plugin development as the textures would be selected by someone creating a horse using a GUI)

    We do have some younger players, so we would like to make it an option to use an Optifine based pack that allowed a lot more variety in patterns that can be applied to a horse (so more than just the basic 7 coats and 5 patterns). Our developer and owner haven't been able to figure out how to do this and still allow non-Optifine players to just see the basic coats we have already provided. What we are looking to do with Optifine is allow more marking options than just these, and be able to put them together (for example, take a solid colored horse and add the spotted texture, and then have the option to also add the star marking on the head). Any input is appreciated and I'm open to answer anymore specifics you need. Thanks!
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  2. pseudo code like so:
    Code (Text):
    if(player is using optifine) {
    show optifine texture
    } else {
    show one of the default 7
    You'd have to ask them to run a command or click a GUI to choose whether they are using optifine because as far as I know you can't detect that server side (as it's a client-side installation). Currently without a custom change client-side you can't add more than the vanilla textures to my knowledge

    or you could always set a server resource pack
  3. Thank you for the input! We are aware of another server that has somehow figured it out, we weren't too sure how it was possible either.
  4. If you have some experience 3D modelling I believe Hypixel (or there are alternatives) put out a software for 3D modelling resource packs. You could always override a block or mob texture and make it just appear as a horse, and then set that as the required server resource pack, but that would take some work to do.

    EDIT: also think about armor textures. That's another 4 overlays you can work with :)
  5. Ah that would be nice but we already have those textured into saddles, saddle pads, blankets and such. We knowwwww it's somehow possible as we've seen it but yet it still seems impossible.
  6. Optifine might change the client brand through the client message channel. ("MC|Brand"). Try checking for that. Used that on a 1.8 server once, don't know if that would have changed since or Optifine even changes the Brand name.
  7. I believe as tested in 1.12 (last time I tried) it showed up as vanilla
  8. Well, in that case I don't know if it is possible then.
    Edit: Could you maybe pm the server name you found which did this, or state it here? I can try to investigate ;)
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  9. I can PM it!