Suggestion Linking MC Accounts?

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Should this be added?

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  1. Hi all,

    I noticed how some servers such as Hypixel have this, and I personally think it's a cool idea.

    The idea of this is that people can see what your minecraft username is, and I just think it adds a little more style to user profiles and whatnot.

    Example of the one on Hypixel:

    What do you guys think of this idea?

    Thanks, Adam.
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  2. I mean... its a cool idea but there should be some sort of limit implemented so people don't spam with like 50 alts of theirs. I am sure there is. But otherwise... this is a cool idea! :D
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  3. Maybe so you can add multiple accounts too, like MC-Market? In case you have some dank OG's ;)
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  4. Yes, I'd personally say a limit of 3 accounts, or only show 3 on the side of the message like shown here:
    [​IMG] (Taken from MCM)
  5. Pretty sure the one in Hypixel is called MineSync, and it has to be done in-game.
    There are other equivalents
  6. Yeah, tbh, I think Hypixel use a custom one, or a modified one.
    MineSync is good, and spigot can easily setup a small 1gb server, they don't need any more than that for an auth server, people would join, link their account, leave.
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  7. 512MB is enough for a join, activate and kick process
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  8. MineSync syncs with a server to allow Minecraft accounts to be linked to Xenforo (which would be ideal for a server, but not Spigot). The one MC-Market and my website, uses is called AssociationMC by lol768. This particular addon changes a user's skin by adding an invisible layer and registers it in order to prove that you own the account (it's powered by lukegb's MCAssoc).

    Now, while this system would be useful on a marketplace like mine, it's unlikely it would serve any purpose on Spigot besides proving that you own an account/OG (aka trophy case). So I'm not sure why it should be added.
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  10. WAS


    While I understand where you are coming from in a sense, this is inherently a Minecraft website, both in beginnings, and with the end-user today. If I wanted to represent an account I own that other people can find me with in-game on other servers we all traverse, why not? This is a forum, a community gateway.
  11. This is not Hypixel with a server. This is Spigot. A forum for minecafters, developers etc. I don't see any use in this. It just uses more space and stuff for something not needed/useless.
  12. That is true, however, what if you wanted to show off a cool account you bought?
    For instance, lets say I buy the account "Adam", and that's not worthy of a thread, I could just link it to my spigot account and have
    A) More people notice it
    B) Not have a risk of postfarming on the thread and or flaming

    But I see your point, maybe if there was an option to disable seeing users usernames?
  13. I agree it looks cool and stuff but its not needed. As Isaid, we are not like Hypixel with a server. This is just a forum where minecrafters,server owners, developers etc can get help or post things etc. In my opinion it just eats up useless memory and space. The idea is cool but just to implement this in Spigot is not needed/unnecessary.
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  14. WAS


    Even beyond showinf off you acc. Again we all have multiple accs and frequent the same servers. There are plenty of reasons why it should be implemented for developers and server administrators.

    You are right this is inherently for minecrafters. Who all have accs. Or do we support hacked clients and the plethora of offline servers who really just want more users or have questionable content because they cant partake?

    As for taking up space I lol at that.
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  15. It uses more diskspace, bandwith and network speed since the skin has to being saved. Not to mention it might degrade the speed of the website
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  16. AssociationMC relies on an external script to handle any association requests. It probably shouldn't take too much storage/bandwidth in that sense, but it also means the Spigot team has less access to make any major custom modifications.

    And I entirely understand that; however, in the bigger picture, Spigot is a community for administrators rather than players. There aren't basic game discussions like MinecraftForum or PlanetMinecraft. So again, I just feel the addon wouldn't serve any purpose beyond acting like a fun tool.
  17. Well, this isn't MC-Market. The whole purpose for MC-Market adding that feature was to verify that they actually had the accounts, and a little showcase for the people who weren't interested in selling.

    I don't see the purpose on here. Though, it would be a nice feature.
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  18. WAS


    As already covered. You are right we are all administrators and developers of servers. And we all have multiple accs for most part. And we all visit servers. Whether to help or test. I see kids that just hand out IPs on open servers without any firewall let alone server security and trust users to help them. Who is to say the person who shows up is really a friend to help? Again there are many more reasons why, than not. It doesnt hurt anything and infact can only do the oppositw in many circumstances
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  19. I'd love to link accounts! So everyone knows i actually own Fun
  20. Defo should be added,
    MinecraftAssociation is the addon used by MC-Market and has a limit option (for the front view) then you can see more on their profile.

    I own 8 accounts myself and would be awesome to show them on my profile, especially being that an OG Collector has considered a few of mine OGs and Semi's. It would be pretty cool as something we can bring more of the community together especially with any sort of giveaways or ratings on account names with proof that they actually own that account.
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