Linux Autorestart Script / AntiCrash

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I launched my Server a few days ago and it had a stable amount of users (~25) until somebody with a crash client joined. I already have casual-protector to prevent crash exploits, but it seems like it wont work.

    However im using Spigot 1.8.9 and Debian 8 "Jessie". I need a fast solution for an restart script that automatically restarts the Server when it times out. Ive tried several methods but nothing worked.

    screen -AmdS minecraft java -Xms10240M -Xmx10240M -jar /home/Paralux/Spigot.jar

    This is my Im sorry but im not good at using Linux and actually dont have a clue of how to do it.
    Also, do you guys know a powerful AntiCrash Method? If possible nothing free / popular because known methods gets bypassed very often.

    Thank you for your help! I appreciate every Solution
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