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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by DerpyTurtle6, May 22, 2015.

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  1. Hey there. I am using a small OVH vps just to host my website and forums, but when I restarted the VPS is got stuck in the OVH 'rescue mode'. I am running Ubunutu 14.04, and this is the error I get in my e-mail when I try to reboot normally.

    ERROR: /sbin/init needs 'execution' permission

    Any idea's on what's going on and how I can fix it? Even if it's not recoverable, can someone help me recover files from the /www/ folder? All I really care about is the files, even if the system has to be reset.

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  2. Try opening a ticket with them.
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    Looks like you messed up the permissions or something? Did you run chmod and accidentally make an error? Contacting OVH is your only option unless you can check it in their rescue mode, I've never used it, dunno how much access it gives you. If it is something else, they use OpenVZ on their classic VPS so there's always a way to get your files.
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. I did open a ticket with OVH, but they couldn't help as it was an error on my part. I called them and someon walked me right through fixing it. And yeah Mike, it was an error on my part. Anyways, thanks for all your help!

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