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    Update: Thu 8 Nov 2018 - BuildTools #81 and above will now apply a workaround for this issue and the fixes below are unnecessary if you are using this version.

    Hi Everyone,

    Recently these Linux distributions (and potentially others) published a bugged version of Java, which causes incompatibility with BuildTools (as well as many other Java programs).

    If you see the error "Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.maven.surefire.booter.ForkedBooter", you are affected by this bug.

    You may read more about this bug in the following locations:

    Until it is fixed there are several options you may wish to investigate:
    • Downgrade your distro version of Java
    • Install Java from Oracle rather than your distro
    • Add the following to the start of your BuildTools command:
    • Put the following in your .m2/settings.xml file (may need to be created)
      Code (Text):
    • Wait for the bug to be fixed.
    • Switch to Gentoo.
    If the issue persists we may be required to update BuildTools to perform one or more of these steps automatically, however it is our hope that the issue will be addressed promptly.

    Please direct any queries to the 1.13.2 discussion thread, or general forums:
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