Standalone Linux Server Manager (Bash) 2.0

Easily control your Minecraft server / network in Linux.

  1. coolv1994 submitted a new resource:

    Minecraft Service - Easily control your Minecraft server in Linux

  2. Very nice script!
  3. Hello,
    I'm currently having a problem where I cannot get auto start to work
    I already added it by doing
    `chkconfig --add minecraft`
    Yet when i restarted my machine, my user 'mc' didn't get any screen. Normal startup by using a command manually works.
    So I was wondering if its something that I need to modify for the user mc to work? Root as default of course

    Running centos 7

    EDIT: Also regarding your file, if I didn't add these two lines
    chkconfig and description into, when i do chkconfig --add mc it returns back with an error saying service minecraft does not support chkconfig.
  4. Sorry for the troubles. Did you make a shortcut named 'minecraft' in '\bin'?

    Thanks for the info I'll update with those values.