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  1. Hi, I am planning to run a server on Ubuntu on a VPS soon. However I never had any experience with Linux in the past, I ran most things on Windows Server back then. So I am wondering if installing a GUI to make it easier to work with would cost a lot of performance? And how big of an impact would that be on bungeecord/servers?

    I have heard that you could work with GUI and disable it after you got everything running, is this a thing?
  2. I think it would be better for you to just go with terminal for these reasons:
    • Performence: idk how much, but somehow definitely.
    • Tutorials: The majority of all tutorials/guides you will find on internet will use the terminal anyways.
    • Programs: Almost none of the programs you are gonna need have GUI.
    • Host: You will be limited in selecting your host, since many hosts don't offer such software.
    • It won't help: You will still have to learn terminal.
    The only benefit I can think of is some sort of file editor, since using terminal editors can be quite annoying sometimes.
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  3. A Network Mount can "fix" that though and makes managing a LOT easier. At least when I ran my own VPS/dedis in the past without GUIs installed (it was before "Minetest" had shared hosters on the coffer).
  4. It's easy to install Ubuntu Desktop on top of Ubuntu Server and view it from web-based VNC viewers, which many hosts offer for their VPS. I wouldn't recommend using a GUI though, as you can pickup using the terminal pretty fast or use a panel.

    If you're a beginner with Linux system administration and want to run a Minecraft network, I recommend installing Pterodactyl, a free and powerful game server panel.
  5. Would be great though if they ever fixes that disgustingly lack of contrasts on the 1.x themeing though. As I am deaf and blind and that the sole reason I stopped hosting until I found a shared provider using WISP.

    Thanks goodness it's the one thing WISP got right.

    If Ptero changes back to quality contrasts like they did in 0.7 series then I would reconsider them.
  6. I don't get your problem with pterodactyl?
    I use it for a while now and it is excellent.
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  7. Please see the example screenshot below as their "example" of the 1.x themeing...
    See the below text like "created" and the "84MB" disk usage? How those text are presented are the issues.

    For comparison stakes WISP does it like this..
    See the difference? I sure do!
  8. LMAO
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  9. if you learn the following, you wont need a panel:
    - ufw
    - screens
    - basics linux commands for entering folders and stuff