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Solved Liquid flow speed

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Therobodavo, May 22, 2015.

  1. Since I know spigot as a way to improve performance for servers, I feel like there really should be a way to slow down lava/water flow. I see you can limit mob spawning, chunks, and many other things.

    Players can place a ton of lava down at sky limit, and it easily destroys the server tps, and possibly crashes it. I see many servers just resorting to disabling lava flow, but many also slow it down. Since this is a mechanic to improving performance in the server, I feel like spigot should think about adding this. I've done a ton of research, and not one plugin does this. Again, this seems sort of simple to do (I don't make plugins), and it would fit in with other aspects of spigot.

    I also know this has been asked for previously, but a developer shot it down cause they didn't think it aaffected performance. Well let me just say, I'm afraid to open my server with lava flow on, cause I know for a fact people will use lava to destroy the tps/crash the server. Please just think about it, cause I really feel like this is something spigot should include.
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  2. If it's done by a plugin it will most likely not affect performance in a positive way.
    So imo it should directly added to spigot. Probably not #1 priority for ThinkOfDeath though.
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  3. Something to limit redstone time per tick would be nice also.
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  4. Not to hijack OP's request, but I would really like to see redstone limiting features as well.
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  5. I know that I saw a previous post asked for this, and ThinkOfDeath shot it down cause he didn't think if positively affected performance. Sadly though, people fail to realize how easily it can lag a server to death. Redstone limiting I feel like would be more tedious, and I don't know exactly but it just seems like it wouldn't be a big deal. Overall it's a nice thought and may be a good idea, but I really just wish lava/water flow speed could be changed.
  6. Sudzzy


    There are other ways to prevent liquid lag, the issue with it is that it just spams the tickNextTick list a real bunch then causes the server to work extra hard next tick. @Byteflux has produced a fix and made it public through PaperSpigot 1.7.x. Not sure if it is on the 1.8 branch yet, although from what I am aware 1.8 handles liquids fine. Also, on PaperSpigot you can still slow down / speed up liquid speeds depending on what its flowing over etc but that's up to you, liquids should be more or less lag-free either way.

    As for the redstone limiting, ( again @Byteflux ) has been kind enough to release his patch to the public from his MinelinkNetwork GitHub. Its just a simple plugin to prevent redstone clocks. If changing the rates at which redstone operates, it can cause issues with almost every redstone invention made and will annoy a lot of players. https://github.com/MinelinkNetwork/RedstoneLimiter

    When dealing with issues like players using autoclickers to spam redstone pulses rapidly opening / closing doors etc (causing masses of lag) you can configure your NoCheatPlus. Limit the player interactions on blocks to 15 times every 1000 milliseconds, and you should be completely in the safe. :)
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  7. I'm just saying, lava flow causes way more lag than redstone, but ya know. You said it's for 1.7, but doesn't that just show how it should be in 1.8? Nobody really has updated it to 1.8, and it kills servers. Also I don't get what you meant by paper spigot, but if you'r saying that's old, then is there anything in 1.8 at all that can slow down lava/water flow without completely disabling lava/water flow. Cause if there isn't, then why wouldn't spigot add this? I get what you said first, but I'm sure there has to be a way to do it without making servers work really hard.
  8. Sudzzy


    It depends on what is actually happening on the server, redstone can lower the TPS to nothing, perhaps even crash the server if exploited correctly - which is just as bad as liquids can get. All the fixes I've mentioned for redstone are still fully functional on spigot 1.8 so feel free to use them there. If you are running a 1.8 server then I am fairly certain liquids are fine on it, @FuriousPvP can confirm this.
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  9. Have you even tried going to sky limit and having water flow down, then lava next to it? Like a mean bunch. Just think of all the block updates, causing the lava to flow slower would make the block updates happen slower. Literally this drrops the tps to nothing also and crashes the server. The thhing that makes this so important is, in faction servers people can make "regen" walls with this, and it lags the server a ton. Also lava monstering does this too. These are part of faction servers, and I'm sure many other types of servers. I agree though, redstone can be jut as bad.

    If you really think liquids are fine , then I'll wait till it's a problem.
  10. Sudzzy


    Yes, I know what you are on about and I own a large factions server myself. This had been a huge issue for me for quite a long time while running on 1.7.x builds and its been patched on PaperSpigot. The update may well have been moved on to 1.8.x builds of PaperSpigot also, but what I am saying is that i do not think there was an issue with this on 1.8 builds as it worked okay last time I checked it. But this is something @FuriousPvP can confirm because they are on 1.8.
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  11. Ya but your example is a server with more ram than most average servers, with more players than an average server, and it may have other plugins to help with tps or that kind of thing. Also they may have a dedicated server,. There are a bunch of factors when looking at that. Anyway, I just went on it and was too lazy to go far out and earn money to get a ton of lava to try and see if it actually was an issue. I'm just going to hope a spigot dev reads this and thinks about adding it, otherwise idek.
  12. Sudzzy


    RAM does not affect your servers performance in this situation. It is the time it takes for your CPU to loop through all of the tickNextTick list and update all of these liquid blocks. Faster and higher clocked CPUs are things which help in this matter, not RAM.

    In my example, more players means more people genning walls which makes my situation much, much worse than yours.

    I have already told you, there is a fix out there so why not Google it and go get it instead of waiting for MD_5 and ThinkOfDeath to implement every single feature everyone wants. Their workload is large enough as it is, how long do you think it'll be before they get this into main spigot builds (assuming they do at all)? :p
  13. You say there is a fix out... but I've spent hours and hours and can't find one. So please, if you really think there, direct me that way. Lol I can't really do much else other than hope someone will see this is what I want, and will be willing to help me get it. If I was good at making plugins, I would of looked into making this myself by now.
  14. Lava flow itself does not cause any lag.

    Draining lava or water flowing over lava, can both cause lag. There is a Minecraft bug where draining ends up unnecessarily spamming the tickNextTickList with physics updates.

    This bug is fixed in both PaperSpigot 1.7 and 1.8.
  15. Ya I never knew what Paperspigot was, but I got it now. Also yes, what you said about lava/water was what I meant.
  16. Make sure you change the following options in your paper.yml:
    Code (Text):
    optimize-draining: true
    use-async-lighting: true
    This will fix your lag issues with draining water/lava and lots of cobblestone generating.
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