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  1. Hey guys,
    I am trying to figure out how can i sort a List of items into a inventory!
    For example i have a List with 4 items and i want to display them with a blank line int the first row, and then in the second row sort them like: BLANK, ITEM, BLANK, ITEM,BLANK, ITEM, BLANK.
    As my english is so bad i will try to post a picture here to help you guys
    and then if i have a list with for example 8 items add then under those in the image and add a new blank row in the bottom

    Any questions ask me, sorry for the bad english
  2. Get your item count, for every four items, add another row to your inventory (don't go over 6 rows). Use a for-loop starting at 10 and ending at your inventory size minus one. In the for-loop, place an item in whatever slot the for-loop is on and increment the counter by two every run.
  3. [​IMG]

    the second item row should be one slot right

    Solved -
    I just check if the slot was 16,25,34 or 44 and if true increment 3 not 2
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  4. Oh shit I messed up a bit, yea. At the beginning of the for-loop have a quick check to see if the slot number evenly divides into nine. If it does, increment the for-loop counter by one, place an item at the slot number held by the for-loop counter, then use "continue;" to skip the rest of the for-loop. Make sure you do it in that order.

    The operation to check divisibility is:
    Code (Text):
    x % y
    If it's 0, that means is it evenly divisible. If it's 1, that means it is not evenly divisible.
  5. i did something similar
    i am having trouble now in the first part of the code
    if the "categorias" variable is 7 for example, when divided by 4 returns 1, but should be 2 because i will need 2 rows to fit 7 items
  6. Use Math.ceil(categories/4);
  7. I already tried that, but also returns 1.0
  8. I guess I should point out it does not work with integers becauae they round themselves before anything else. :p

    It will work if you convert the lower number to a double then cast the entire thing to an int.

    Here is a StackOverflow thread for this issue:
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  9. Ya my bad i solved the problem!
    Thank you bro