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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by thegarfish, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. Or me I have zexyZek and vikkstar123.
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  2. Zexyzek's channel is in its way down the drain and vikk will only do mini games.
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  3. Read my previous post and understand that can never get a perfect youtuber unless you spam one with emails. They are some of the best you are going to get.
  4. I am thinking of making a new list like this due to the inactivity of the uploader would anyone be interested in this and would it help?
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  5. I'd be interested :)
    I'd help out where I can also.
  6. Ok I will start making it later and we will exceed from Here. I have many contacts myself so this could really help.
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  7. I Know of a really great youtuber, small. who does FANTASTIC server reviews. :) Mr.Zybez.
    He's partnered up with my website, and i love showcaseing him off cause he is fantasic.

    Go here to see a lis of some of his past reviews : http://www.hooptiesworld.enjin.com/mapmakersparadise/m/24557257/viewforum/5273461
    Mr. Zybez charges between 10-25.00 for a server reivew.

    I also offer reviews, i charge $5.00 for a youtube video made.(but, i also dont have many viewer's and dont make GREAT videos..but i market them pretty well, and can get 50 views in 1 week when i market them.. plus residual views. i ushally still see my old server reveiws
    getting 2-5 views per week on youtube)

    Im willing to consider partnering up with ANY youtuber reading that offer good/honest reviews.
    ..and that dont PRICE gouge people. :)

    If you need someone to review your server still and get the name out,.. Contact Mr.Zybez thru my website.
    He does really good/honest work.

    and, if he gives your server a good review,. i'll help whre i can by posting and marketing his video around for him.
    to try and get you some more views.
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  8. Add me in! my youtube name is djkaye youtube
    contact info [email protected]
    760 subs and counting
    $5 per vid
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  9. jzbakos


    Link your channel please.
  10. x_L


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  11. Theepwner


    Whats chinease
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  12. Where can I find average 100k~ (can be more) sub youtubers who record for Factions, and actually reply to there emails?
  13. Out Of Interest What's This Used For?
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  14. Finding YouTubers.
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  15. Bashur is $1000 unless you get a series/miniseries/deal
  16. what is ssundee's buisness site
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