Solved Lists in config file.

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  1. Hello SpigotMC. I need your help with something. In my config.yml file, I want there to be a list of lines:

    - "Welcome to the server!"
    - "Random"
    - "More randomness"

    That way someone who sets up the plugin can add or remove lines the way they see fit.
    I believe you do this with "list string" or something of the sort, can someone clarify.

  2. Found this in an older thread on the forum. Try it:

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  3. This is correct, here is a non quote for people seeing this later:
    Code (Text):
    for(String msg : getConfig().getStringList("someStringList"))
        p.sendMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', msg));
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  4. thank you both for the help
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  5. Quick question. Where would this go?

    I would like it were the TODO is.

    Sorry if this is amateur question.
  6. Just put it where you want to send the message. :)
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