Bungee - Proxy LiteAnnouncer (BungeeAutoMessage) 6.3.1

Very simple BungeeCord auto-message system with JSON lines support. Minecraft 1.7 - 1.13!

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  2. Stop copying my plugin. Thank you.
  3. But code of your plugin completely different! I take only some ideas, it is not prohibited.
  4. You took all the functions of my plugin, but coded it worse. It's just completely pointless.
  5. All functions? Look at my code, please. Only ignore permission i take from your plugin, I promise that it's not going to do ever.
  6. Oh im sorry, fix it in few minutes.
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  7. It's okey now, you can give 5 star rating if you like this (please) :rolleyes:.
  8. His may be useful
  9. Add utf-8 unicodes pls. ANSI encoding is not an option to use
  10. I don't quite understand you, Java uses UTF-8 by default, for me it works perfect.
  11. Hola una pregunta como hago que funcionen las URL?
  12. Can you please add something like ''/announcer send (nessage)'' to send a message Direct to all servers like ''/announcer send &5Player &6playername &5has bought a diamond at our shop!''
    maby that it doesnt touch the interval, that its a own msg/command?
  13. I'll do it when I have time
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  14. I'd really enjoy to see the ability to disable certain messages from certain servers!
  15. I'll try to do this in future.
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  16. How did you get that font in your minecraft :O
  17. It's UTF-8 encoding