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  1. So I am running Litebans under BungeeCord. and when a staff member bans/mutes someone it doesn't show up in chat. We are not adding -s when we ban. it just doesn't show up in chat. BungeeCord is set to true in the litebans config
  2. You need to add the "litebans.notify.broadcast" permission to the default group in BungeeCord's config.yml.
    This is mentioned in the installation instructions.
  3. Permessi notificare:
    Code (Text):
    litebans.notify: Permission to see all notifications. This permission also needs to be negated if you are removing other notify permissions.
    litebans.notify.broadcast: Permission to see ban/mute/warning/kick broadcasts. True by default under Spigot.
    litebans.notify.warned: Permission to see own warning notifications. True by default under Spigot.
    litebans.notify.muted: Permission to see own muted notifications. True by default under Spigot.
    litebans.notify.clearchat: Permission to see the broadcast whenever someone uses /clearchat.
    litebans.notify.silent: Permission to see silent punishments (e.g. "/ban -s <target> [reason]")
    litebans.notify.banned_join: Permission to see when banned or blacklisted players attempt to join.
    litebans.notify.mute: Permission to see when muted players try to chat.
    litebans.notify.dupeip_join: Permission to see dupeip notifications, for example, when a player joins and has a banned account on the same IP address.
  4. I believe you need Litebans on every server that's in your BungeeCord network
  5. Not you don't that is why their is a bungee option it wouldn't make sense other wise. I fixed it I just needed to add litebans.notify.broadcast
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  6. Litebans is able to work in bungeecord itself without the spigot/paperspigot/tacospigot servers
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