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  1. I've made changes regarding the kick message to litebans but it doesn't work. Can someone help me fix it?

    Console message:
    Code (Text):
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO Baetawolf issued server command: /litebans reload
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] ERROR [!!] Could not l
    oad messages.yml.
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] ERROR [!!] Your configuration might be invalid. It can be checked using:
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] ERROR [!!] Alternatively you can contact Ruan on SpigotMC to have your configuration checked:
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] ERROR [!!] LiteBans will use the default messages until errors have been fixed.
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN org.bukkit.configuration.InvalidConfigurationException: while parsing a block mapping
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO in 'string', line 202, column 5:
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO usage: '/kick <player> [reason]'
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO ^
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO expected <block end>, but found Anchor
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO in 'string', line 212, column 14:
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO exempt: '&bYou can''t kick $player!'
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] INFO ^
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at org.bukkit.configuration.file.YamlConfiguration.loadFromString(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at org.bukkit.configuration.file.FileConfiguration.load(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.h.a(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.h.c(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.bI.a(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.bO.b(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.aI.a(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.bV.a(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.bV.onCommand(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at litebans.bI.onCommand(
    02.05 17:08:06 [Server] WARN at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    02.05 17:08:17 [Multicraft] Skipped 46 lines due to rate limit (30/s)

    Config file code:
    time_format: YYYY-MM-dd
    history_time_format: YYYY-MM-dd
    banned_message_base: |-
      &7&m-(&bYour account has been suspended from our network&7&m)-

     &bBanned by: &7$displayName
     &bAppeal&f » &f
    banned_message: |-
     &bBan Expiry: &7$banTimeLeft
     &bReason: &7$reason&f
    banned_message_permanent: $base
    banned_message_appeal_message: '&b &bAppeal&f » &f'
    banned_message_geoip_blacklist: |-
     &bYou are banned from this server!&f

     Your location is blacklisted:  $geoip
    default_ban_reason: The Ban Hammer has spoken!
    default_mute_reason: Spamming
    permission_error: '&bYou don''t have permission!'
    muted: '&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&bYou are
     muted for ($duration remaining)!\n&b\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7)'
    muted_permanent: '&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&bYou
     are permanently muted!\n Appeal here &b\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7)'
     banned_player_join: '&b$player&f tried to join, but is banned ($duration)!'
     banned_geoip_blacklist: '&b$player&f tried to join, but is blacklisted ($geoip)!'
    error_no_reason_provided: '&bYou must provide a reason for this punishment!'
    error_no_sql_connection: '&bLiteBans is not connected to a database!'
    internal_error: '&bAn internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command.'
    duration_limit_error: '&bMaximum duration allowed: $duration'
    warned_join: '&bYou have new warnings:'
    warned_join_entry: ''
       usage: ''
       unban_usage: ''
       example: ''
       silent_prefix: ''
       broadcast_ban: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7was permanently removed from the network
         &7(&bReason&7)&f : &b$reason
         &7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName
       broadcast_tempban: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7was temporarily removed from the network
         &7(&bReason&7)&f : &b$reason
         &7(&bDuration&7)&f : &b$tempDuration
         &7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName
       broadcast_ip_ban: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7was permanently &bBlacklisted &7from the network
         &7(&bReason&7)&f : &b$reason
         &7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName
       broadcast_temp_ip_ban: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7was temporarily &bBlacklisted &7from the network
         &7(&bReason&7)&f : &b$reason
         &7(&bDuration&7)&f : &b$tempDuration
         &7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName
       broadcast_ip_ban_hidden: ''
       broadcast_unban: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7has been unbanned from the network
       previous_ban_removed: '&6Previous ban for &e$bannedPlayer &eremoved.'
       previous_ban_existing: '&bSorry sir ,Not enough permissions'
       unban_queue: '&fIf they try to reconnect, they will be unbanned.'
       error_no_spec: '&fNo valid time specification detected!'
       unban_fail: '&fTarget is not banned!'
       exempt: '&fYou can''t ban &b&l$player!'
       broadcast_unmute: |-
         &b$bannedPlayer &7has been unmuted
       no_override: '&bPlayer is already banned!'
       response: ''
       usage: ''
       unmute_usage: ''
       example: ''
       broadcast: "&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&b$mutedPlayer\
         \ &7has been Silenced\n&7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7) "
       broadcast_tempmute: "&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n\
         \ &b$mutedPlayer &7has been temporarily Silenced\n&7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName\n\
         \ &7{&bDuration&7)&f : &b$tempDuration\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7) "
       message: '&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&bYour
         voice is Silenced\n&eReason &f: &b$reason\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7)'
       message_permanent: '&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&bYour
         voice is Silenced\n&eReason &f: &b$reason\n&7&bDuration&7&f : &b$duration remaining\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7)'
       unmute_fail: '&fTarget is not muted!'
       previous_mute_removed: ''
       previous_mute_existing: ''
       exempt: '&fYou can''t mute $player!'
       notification: '&b&l$mutedPlayer &ftried to speak, but is muted.'
       error_not_enabled: '&fMuting is not enabled in the configuration!'
       broadcast_ip_mute: ''
       broadcast_temp_ip_mute: ''
       no_override: '&fPlayer is already muted!'
       response: ''
       usage: '&bUsage: /warn [-s] <player> [reason]'
       unwarn_usage: '&bUsage: /unwarn <player>'
       example: ''
       broadcast: "&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&b$warnedPlayer\
         \ &7has been warned\n&7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName\n&7{&bReason&7)&f :\
         \ &b$reason\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7) "
       message: '&bYou have been warned for &e$reason'
       list_entry: ' \- Warned by $displayName: ''$reason&f'''
       unwarn_response: '&6Last warning removed for $player.'
       unwarn_fail: '&bTarget has no warnings!'
       exempt: '&bYou can''t warn $player!'
       cooldown: '&bYou need to wait $seconds seconds before $player can be warned again.'
       response: ''
       usage: '&b/history <player> [entries=10]'
       start: '&aHistory for $target (Limit: $limit):'
       ban_entry: |-
         &a -- [&f$timeSince ago&a] --&f
         &f $name was &bbanned &fby $displayName: '&a$reason&f'
       mute_entry: |-
         &a -- [&f$timeSince ago&a] --&f
         &f $name was &7muted &fby $displayName: '&a$reason&f'
       warn_entry: |-
         &a -- [&f$timeSince ago&a] --&f
         &f $name was &6warned &fby $displayName: '&a$reason&f'
       kick_entry: |-
         &a -- [&f$timeSince ago&a] --&f
         &f $name was &ekicked &fby $displayName: '&a$reason&f'
       active_suffix: '&f [&bActive&f]'
       active_suffix_temp: |-
         &f [&bActive&f]
         &fExpires in $duration.
       error_no_history: '&bNo history found.'
       unban_entry: ''
       unmute_entry: ''
       expired_suffix: '&f [&8Expired&f]'
       usage: '&b/warnings <player>'
       start: '&aActive warnings for $target:'
       usage: '&b/prunehistory <player> [duration]'
       message: '&aHistory pruned.'
       usage: '&b/staffhistory <player> [entries=10]'
       start: '&aStaff history for $target (Limit: $limit):'
       usage: '&b/staffrollback <player> [duration]'
       message: '&aRollback completed, total entries removed: $amount'
       start: '&f=== &aPage &6$page&a out of &6$total&f ==='
       usage: '&b/iphistory <player> [entries=10]'
       start: '&aLogin history for $target (Limit: $limit):'
       entry: '&a - [&f$date&a]&f $name&a:&f $ip'
       error_no_history: '&bNo history found.'
       usage: '&b/dupeip <player>'
       start: '&fScanning &7$name&f on &a$ip&f. &f[&aOnline&f] [&7Offline&f] [&bBanned&f]'
       separator: '&f, '
       online: '&a'
       offline: '&7'
       banned: '&b'
       multiple_addresses: '[$num addresses]'
       start: '&fScanning &a$num&f online players.. [&aOnline&f] [&7Offline&f] [&bBanned&f]'
       entry: '&f$player&a: $result'
       usage: '&b/checkban <player>'
       no_ban: '&bTarget is not banned!'
       banned: |-
         &aTarget &f[&a$target&f]&a is banned:
         &aBanned by: $displayName
         &aReason: $reason&a
         &aBanned on: $bannedFrom
         &aBanned until: $bannedUntil ($banTimeLeft)
         &aIP ban: $ipban, silent: $silent, permanent: $permanent
       usage: '&b/lastuuid <player|IP>'
       message: '&fLast UUID for &a$name&f: &a$uuid'
       usage: '&b/geoip <player|IP>'
       message: '&a$target&f is from: &a$result'
       error_disabled: '&bGeoIP support is not enabled in the configuration!'
       error_unavailable: '&bGeoIP support is currently unavailable, has it been downloaded
       error_not_found: '&bGeoIP information for $target not found.'
       usage: '&b/lockdown <reason> | /lockdown end'
       message: '&bServer lockdown activated (reason: "$reason&b")'
       stopped: '&aLockdown has been deactivated.'
       kick_message: |-
         Server lockdown active, try again later.
         Reason: $reason
       error_not_active: '&bLockdown is not active!'
       usage: '/kick <player> [reason]'
       no_match: '&bError: &ePlayer not found.'
       message:  '&bKicked by $displayName: $reason''
       message_no_reason: Kicked by $displayName.
       broadcast: "&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n&b$player\
         \ &7has been kicked from the network\n&7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName\n\
         &7{&bReason&7)&f : &b$reason\n&7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7) "
       broadcast_no_reason: "&7(&b!&7&m)--------(-&eGoldenAgeNetwork&7&m-)--------&7(&b!&7)\n\
         &b$player &7has been kicked from the network\n&7(&bPunisher&7)&f : &b$displayName\n\
         &7(&b!&7&m)------------------------------&7(&b!&7) "
       exempt: '&bYou can''t kick $player!'
       kick_requested: '&6Player $player is not online on this server. Cross-server kick
         has been requested.'
       toggle_off: '&aChat has been toggled off.'
       toggle_on: '&aChat has been toggled on.'
       broadcast: '&aChat has been cleared by $displayName.'
       response: '&bServer chat is currently disabled!'
       broadcast_disabled: '&bServer chat has been disabled by $displayName.'
       broadcast_enabled: '&aServer chat has been enabled by $displayName.'
       reload_success: '&aLiteBans reloaded successfully.'
       reload_fail_connect: '&aLiteBans reloaded. &bFailed to connect to database.'
       add_history_usage: '&b/litebans addhistory <name> <UUID> <IP>'
       add_history: '&aHistory added.'
       fix_history: '&aFixing history for table $table...'
       fix_history_result: '&aAdded $amount entries.'
       import_usage: '&b/litebans import start'
       import_start: '&aImporting from $db, this might take a while...'
       import_finish: '&aImport finished successfully. $bans bans imported, $ipbans IP-bans.'
       import_finish_litebans: '&aImport finished successfully. Added $amount entries
         to the database.'
       import_fail: '&bImport failed. Check console.'
       import_unsupported: '&bImporting from ''$name'' is not supported yet!'
       sqlexec_success: '&aSQL query executed successfully.'
       sqlexec_failure: '&bFailed to execute.'
       reload_fail: '&bReload failed.'
       reload_fail_config: |-
         &b[LiteBans] &econfig.yml is not valid and could not be loaded, the default configuration will be used.
         &bPlease check the server console for more information.
       reload_fail_messages: |-
         &b[LiteBans] &emessages.yml is not valid and could not be loaded, default messages will be used.
         &bPlease check the server console for more information.
       fix_history_offline_uuids: '&b$amount UUIDs were not fetched from Mojang since
         they are offline-mode UUIDs.'
     expired: expired
     forever: forever
     year: year
     years: years
     month: month
     months: months
     week: week
     weeks: weeks
     day: day
     days: days
     hour: hour
     hours: hours
     minute: minute
     minutes: minutes
     second: second
     seconds: seconds
  2. You're missing some quotations in your config messages.
  3. Sorry, I already figured out the problem, the owner gave me a configuration which he wanted me to edit
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