Litebans is Crashing my server.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Skorppy, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. So our Network kept crashing. I'm sure that the problem was caused by litebans for some reason.
    PLUGINS: Plugins (18): GFGM, WorldEdit, Essentials, BuildingMode, ServerSelectorX, PermissionsEx, Pex-Chat, PlugMan, ViaVersion, Vault, ViaBackwards, BungeeTabListPlus, ProtocolLib, WorldGuard, AAC, Citizens, Denizen, LiteBans
  2. Not sure why you think the crash is because of LiteBans?

    If you believe it is, remove it and see if it happens ?
    Wouldnt that be the best way to know ?
  3. What i can tell its something to do with a local database of litebans and that theres a lot of runnables happening
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    Are you able to continuously reproduce this crash?
    Have you tried running your server without LiteBans using the standard ban system?
  5. Hello, the main errors that could generate litebans have to do with connections and the database
    you have to check in your console if litebans are showing errors
    if this is not the case then you have to perform the following test
    Do you know how to reproduce this error? does it happen every x time or always?
    you need a clue where to start solving the error and what I usually do in these cases is to make a backup of all the plugins and then delete the plugins from the server after this you need to upload plugin by plugin and then do reboots and return to upload plugins until you find the plugin that causes this error or conflicts
  6. it happens randomly I have no clue when it happens. The last time it happens was after I left the game. but I fixed the problem thank you.