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  1. Well, the main issue would be that if LiteBans is installed under BungeeCord then it can't use Factions API.

    If there's a command for faction chat messaging (e.g. /f chat <message>) then that can be used while muted.
  2. Hey, the tab complete don't work with /unmute, can you fix that please :)
  3. Does it work with "/litebans:unmute"?
  4. It isn't a command no.
    And i have it installed on bungee & bukkit servers because my Anti-cheat and Freeze plugin require it, otherwise they'd be doing bukkit bans.
    With that being said, would it still be possible?
  5. There isn't a perfect way for me to support this; since Bungee plugins process chat first, Spigot-side plugins cannot process them differently since the cancelled chat events won't reach the backend server. But if the chat event is passed through to the backend server without being cancelled, then Bungee plugins may propagate the chat event since it wasn't cancelled on the Bungee side. Also, I don't want to make it a requirement to have LiteBans installed under both sides for specific features to be supported since it would be harder to install that way.
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  6. Hello, is it possible to have an option to send banned players on a server? I want to make a purgatory server and at the same time use litebans
  7. Currently not supported.
  8. Is there a way to make it so I can have different formats for banning. Like one for when staff bans someone and when someone is banned by the console for the chargeback or something.
  9. Templates are planned.
  10. I meant: This is currently not possible, but I hope to add this in a future update.

    Sorry for the short message earlier, I was busy and didn't have much time to write a reply.
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  11. Yes currently not supported but will you add this in the future?
  12. Thank you. When can we expect that feature to be added?
  13. When it's done. I can only give ETAs for important bugfixes, not feature suggestions.

  14. I understand, Thank you.
  15. Hi,

    I had a question about the JSON file, I created a JSON file but litebans cannot find it, someone who happens to send an example + permission + message example via a pasteban or the like.

  16. An example message:
    Code (Text):
    broadcast_ban: '&e$bannedPlayer &chas been banned. {hoverText: &aHover text here!}'
    The permission "litebans.json.hover_text" is required to view hover text.
  17. This is what the hover do

    Can you send me a example JSON file with the information on the page? just for sure!
  18. Also the same problem ingame

    I have the latest version of Litebans

    Can you send me a example JSON file maybe thats te problem!
  19. There needs to be a space (" ") before the "{"

    The example that I've already given is formatted correctly.