LiteBans web interface.

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Do you know how to set a website up from home hosting?

  1. No, I havent. :P

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  1. Hello!
    I own a small 70 player sever but get a few hacker each week. My players want a bans thing like I know for a fact LiteBans runs the system.

    I have MySQL
    I also have Apache
    Both running on XAMPP.

    I have MySQL and Apache running correctly.

    This probably doesnt matter but we also have a dynmap setup and working at..
    ^^ So I know how to make it public.

    I need help with setting up the actual website to add the LiteBans thing too.
    I dont know how too as each tutorial I have seen are 1. dated or 2. are for another thing than what im doing.
    If you can help guide me with it or give me a link to a forum on how to set it up I would love that. :)

  2. you need only the web interface from the litebans plugin thread and a vps to host it but you need probably something that supports html and php idk if litebans use php but you need to connect the mysql into the settings of the files in settings and vps its like you pay you get ftp access to put files in and you put what you downloaded and thats it
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  3. Thats kinda crucial information to know when responding to something like this..... Yes litebans uses php scripts and as such you will need to have a host that supports php hosting ie not enjin

    EDIT : Although there are a couple loopholes of getting php to work on enjin
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  4. \

    Can I home host it?
  5. if your home hosting are you not giving out your public IP to the world
  6. @lwccb Not if you forward your public ip to a domain that is hosted elsewhere... although then ur essentially making ur own vps... Just pay the like 3$ for a vps its so much easier
  7. Are you by any chance recommending that host because you own it? I mean, seems a bit weird that your server is SpringCraft and the host is called SpringNodes, also doesn't give me faith when the company number is all 0's.

    Sort of reminds me of those 2 CS:GO youtubers and that amazing gambling website y'know.
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