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  1. [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] litebans-pool - Exception during pool initialization.
    [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] Failed to connect to [jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/nemesysm_litebans;useSSL=false] using mysql driver.
    [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] Error: Failed to initialize pool: Communications link failure
    [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] Cause: Communications link failure
    [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] Cause: Connection refused (Connection refused)
    [18:50:37 ERROR]: [LiteBans] Please configure: plugins/LiteBans/config.yml

    What can i do?
  2. My guess is your MySQL settings are incorrect in your config.yml for LiteBans or your MySQL database is unreachable.
  3. I have a web host with the website on and the database and a server minecraft on another vps