Spigot LiteJoin (HideStream Replacing) 4.2

Customisable features on player Join/Leave/Kick events and more (1.7 - 1.12.X)

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    LiteJoin - Features on Player Join/Leave/Kick (Tittles, Fly, Welcome Donater, Hide & More)

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  2. wow are amazing guy, thanks a lot ^_^ !
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  3. Thank you :)
  4. Can you add it to clear xp bar or something like that?
  5. In next version i will do this.
  6. Really awesome plugin, my server depends on it! One bug I've encountered however is the subtitle doesn't seem to be centered. Any fix?
  7. You can use spaces in lines. I'll try to come up with some more convenient solution.
  8. onPlayerJoinMessage and onPlayerQuitMessage aren't working for me, but onDonaterJoinMessage is...
    Everything other feature in the plugin works as intended however.
    Any fix?
  9. Maybe on your server there are any plugins who can block messages on join and quit, i tested all plugin's features on clear server buid.
  10. I think Essentials is overwriting the plugin. Doesn't LiteJoin block that though?
  11. I can confirm that if you remove Essentials the join/leave announcements work. LiteJoin isn't hiding Essentials join/leave messages... :(
  12. I will fix this
  13. Add Per World support and make that hide on join works only in 1 world. (For Example only in Lobby world.)
    When you join other world (For Example Practice 1 you will your opponent or players) and when you return to the lobby world you will not see anyone again.
    It's good for Practice servers.
  14. [​IMG]

    Your plugin depends on PEX.
    Why don't you use vault to get the user prefix? It'll work with many other plugins and not just PEX
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  15. Using this plugin, enabledeathmessages is set to true in the config but litejoin settings command states its off
  16. Can you add command /silentjoin to toggle joins for donators etc...
    It would be great donor perk, thanks :)
    Otherwise this is great plugin!
    Thanks for creating this!
  17. Lee


    Whats the perm for /lj spawn? The perm "join.spawn" did not work.