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  1. I have a javapipe proxy to protect my server from the attacks but i have a problem.
    Even when im not under attack, the 70% of times my server seems offline, and minecraft show it with an X red, instead with the green lines. Is this normal?! My player can still join even if that simbol is an X red but is very annoying for me. Someone with javapipe, has my same experience?
    Im using spigot the latest raccomended version.
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    That was a bug in some of the netty builds, but has been fixed for awhile now.

    You might want to give the latest non recommended a shot.
  3. i used javapipe for like 4 days. they were horrible.

    I bought it, put it in place, and when i hot about 400 online it crashed and everyone lost connection. i made a ticket and they said it was on the "wrong mode" and they changed it for me.. a few hours later i hit 550 online and it crashed again, i made a ticket and they told me the same story. I thought to myself, if this happens one more time im canceling, then after a day i hit 750 online and crashed again, so i went and got a refund.

    Currently Im with TransitSheild

    Ive also tried blacklodus, and they were 5x as worse as javapipe, plus they "scammed" me and i didn't get my $250 back :(
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  4. Javapipe can protect you up to 10 gb/s...i bought 2 proxy and they put them in round robin. So when i have a proxy under attack people can connect through the other one ^^

    However, tonight i fixed the problem of my server, that look offline for 80% of times. I told to javapipe, to whitelist on my two proxi all Italian isp. And it worked my server show always online, and people don't think more that my server is always offline xD. Guys, they do what they can, ddos protection has huge costs, and before to arrive to my situation they helped me a lot, in chat, with tickets. So i can say that the assistance, they are very very good.
  5. Hello, can you please PM me your client name at JavaPipe , because we do not have any record of such thing. Every problem we got reported from our users we solved in less than 20 minutes and our proxy doesn't crash your server.
    What changes did we make for you ? We do not login on client servers to do any changes.
    I just want to clear some things as i have read some of your posts here and all are against JavaPipe.
    1) We do not claim to do something that we cannot do ! ( unlike competitors we do provide ddos mitigation and we own our equipment and filters ).
    2)We do not compare our pricing with other providers such as staminus or blacklotus since our pricing scheme is different , we provide by default 1,000,000 PPS protection against SYN attacks which are the most dangerous (with 10Gbps UDP/ICMP/ )protection and harder to combat on all proxies while our competitors say they provide 10G pipe for $4000/month which includes 1,000,000 PPS protection ).
    3)If a customer has an issue or is incompatible with our protection we do refund the user if he requests the refund within 3 days from signup.
    4)We are the only company that has both European and US filters specially tuned for minecraft and we own our filters !

    Conclusion, i'd very much like user to stop saying bad stuff about us with no proof.

    P.S : We are accommodating new pricing starting next month that will include unmetered bandwidth on proxies but limited by port-speed or PPS protection for those which don't require huge protection but more bandwidth.
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  6. The Ticket:

    The ddos protected ip keeps losing connection, every time i get to 400+ players, and lags out about 300 of them. Its happened 4 times in the past 2 hours. I look at the incoming connection on my dedicated server and it goes from

    something like this:
    rx: 38.97 Mbit/s 39663 p/s tx: 51.34 Mbit/s 69966 p/s
    to something like this:
    rx: 3.86 Mbit/s 4663 p/s tx: 5.59 Mbit/s 7966 p/s


    There isn't a visible problem on proxy.
    Traffic is 50Mbps constant.
    If this happens again let us know and we'l moove you to another node wich is more free ( we'l assign you other IP for that).


    I just changed your proxification method. Let me know if you experience any issue at all within the next hours.


    Just went down at about 520 players on


    I see alot of traffic on proxy IP now.
    Over 50Mbps traffic.
    Shoudn't go down.

    Robert Iosif
    Security Engineer


    Weird, no one can connect via the protected ip, but the normal ip is fine. The players online on my server is dropping rapidly, ive asked 8 people if they can connect to the ddos protected ip, non can.


    I've restarted it now, check again.


    All of my players lost connection again. I have pointed my domain back to the server, can i get a refund? thanks
    Ok please request cancellation from your client login.

    Do check back in a couple of months - we are currently building a game based solution that matches the quality of our web protection.
    Also if you wish to change your miind about this we've just setup another proxy method wich coud handle more connections than the old one.
    Let me know and if you want this and i can setup a demo for you (free for 3 days).
    Please let me know if you have any questions and Im sorry this didn't work out at this time.
    We have another method that might work for your game. Can you please give this a try and see if it works. The method that we tried for you last did not handle the traffic that your game demanded but this solution should solve that problem. You can try it and if it works then pay for it later.

    Please let me know.
    Did you get my message about free trial?
    It is not the size of attack that was causing you issues , it is the proxy software that did not support so many active connection from your real users.
    What is the pricing you got for new solution ? Maybe we can combat that?

    It includes unmetered bandwidth, and protection against any size of attack
    There is no such thing as any size of attack. You will see them having issues with attacks little over 3gbps.
    We have a 10Gbps limit as insurance ( but our protection can go up to 50Gbps in special cases).
    The way this protection works is different then 'Normal' Protection. A few people i know are with this protection, and they have attacks ranging from .5gbps-15gbps, and they are fine.
    You mind sharing this company that you're with?


    I havent purchased yet.
    Honestly ? They use cloudflare to protect themselves ( using 3'rd party to protect theyr own website).
    Also theyr protection doesn't even work for 1gbps attacks.
    This is the one you say has unlimited attack power protection ?
    Yes. They have a different way of protection, using 3-10 appliances, and using a round robin dns which switches the ip to each appliance every few seconds, so the ddoser would only take down 1 appliance, the others staying up and fine, and my players will still be able to connect. This also comes at a much much cheaper price. I know it works as i know 3-4 people who use them, some running even a bigger minecraft server then I.
    Good luck using them , the appliance they use is cisco , verry weak appliance.
    If attack is DNS targeted and spoofed all appliances will be nulled and attack will be swiched on the next node ( it's not hard to get down ) as they are not mitigating attack , they are just swiching dns to another host when attacked.
    I thought i would send a followup on this.

    After using them nearly a month its worked 100% better then Javapipe. I've had 950 players online no problem. I've been dosed with 4gbps+ attacks and i haven't went down once. What you said was not true.

    I wouldn't even be able to use javapipe.. i use like 30tb bandwidth/month so.. And i didn't even tell people you were trash talking other companies.
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  7. OK , i remember this issue.
    Was before we installed our new firewalls and we were understaffed, the setup that you are talking about includes spreading your connections over multiple proxy solutions ( not just one proxy as you had with us).
    We have now something called HA proxy wich allows user to spread connectivity among more than 1 proxy if theyr traffic volume is big.
    You shoud try it out for free 1 month and re-post review of our current services. PM me if you want to try it for free for 30 days.
  8. Robert what about the new plans and prices? :)
  9. accept my problem is, what i would need would cost thousands of dollars a month..
  10. The new pricing structure will by ready by the end of this week.
  11. So you offer me a free 30 days, I pm you, tell you my budget of less then $400 and tell you i use 30tb of bandwidth a month and can be using up to 250mbps,

    You say:

    ""250Mbps will surely require a dedicated node to run smoothly. Im not sure i can get you a such a node for free.
    We pay for the hardware servers also , and in US they don't come cheap.
    Unfortunately 500$ would not cover the costs of this, but i'l see what i can do and get back to you."

    You then give me the new pricing and it would still cost me thousands... i would have to pay like $2000 for 1gbps protection with a 250mbps port speed..

    So your now not offering me free protection for 30 days, and giving me a price 8x what i pay now.. To me, it looks like i was making you look bad as i was telling people of my bad experience with you guys. You only offered me the free 30 days to look good.

    Yes i could afford the amount you are charging, but i don't believe in spending thousands to protect our server against some jealous losers. So what if I drop a few players when i get hit, they join back just fine, and it doesn't effect my donations. Thats why i use:
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  12. PhanaticD


    I also use transitshield: cheap and effective :)
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  13. Yes, I've heard, but unfortunately he has not yet server in europe.
  14. Malo: The 30day free will be granted if you subscribe to it for seccond month. If you claim you can't cover the expenses for a normal subscription after the 30day than there is no point of even trying it since you're not going to afford using it. It will just be 1 month of protecting you and wasting our resources and you will continue to bash us on forums for no reason.
    Also posting private messages to public forum is not going to get you any deal.
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  15. I don't think he wants a 'deal' he stated he is more than happy with TransitSheild above.
  16. Hi
    Is transitshield still active?
    I look for ddos protection for me.
  17. PhanaticD


    noooo transitshield was practically a scam they shut down ages ago
  18. Thank you
    Are there some good options ?
    Some older providers not in business now.
    Is there lag in case of ddos attack?