Spigot LittleBlocks 10.4

Blocks, but little.

  1. I meant server version.
    It's only with /rlb <radius>?
  2. Does this work well with World Guard?
  3. I didn't test it, but I think it'll work :)
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  4. Is there anyway you could add something to save a kind of schematic thing for objects or like a copy and paste thing? Or is this already implemented?
  5. I was already working on it.
  6. Ah I see. :)
  7. bugs bugs bugs... i using mypet plugin.. pets can destroy this block.. and other player in region/residence too.... shit plugin..sry bro
  8. Hi,
    pets can destroy it because that pet plugin is probably bad coded.

    How can players destroy the block? :/
    Did you give them the permission?
  9. 1. I've already tried, but it becomes bugged
    2. I can try, thanks :)
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  10. Something else I've discovered: It's possible to steal them. Could you add an option to lock the interaction? :)

    Or is this already in it?
  11. I can try, thanks for the hint :)
    I didn't add that because the plugin should have a decoration objective, and should not be used from users
  12. Yeah, it's stealable by everyone unless protected by any other plugin. :(
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  13. Wow, that's a great one!
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