Spigot LittleBlocks 10.4

Blocks, but little.

  1. Note: old blocks can be broken by anyone.
  2. No problem. :p What did you exactly do? I meant the slot interaction ;) They haven't been breakable directly, just by using rightclick on the block.
  3. Oh, I've found now this bug, I'm fixing!
  4. Fixed!
    I thinked you were talking about the /rlb <radius> command :)
  5. Great :) <3
    But the owner thingy is useful, too. :p
  6. I do not understand your words, please make it clear.
  7. Can I share this plugin and line?I will share this plugin and line.Request for authorized share.
  8. I don't allow distributions of the jar, but you can share the Spigot link.
  9. How do I remove a block that has been placed already? It doesn't log it to config so when I do /rlb it says that none are found when I have about 5 placed. :/
  10. Add an option to do /rlb <block name> so we don't have to re-do the whole creation.
  11. /rlb removes the latest block(s), but when you reload the plugin, the memory gets lost.
    You can remove a single block using "/rlb <radius>". Remember that the Y axis of the littleblock is a block under it.
  12. I understand that but if we have multiple things in that area it will remove all of it :/
  13. seems it's hard to create one by one by commands
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  14. Please try it. Anyway, I think there isn't another way to do it. I'll listen to your advices.