Spigot LittleBlocks 10.4

Blocks, but little.

  1. #81 Bolean, Apr 5, 2017
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  2. littlemode
  3. What block did you place?
  4. leaves :)
  5. I said that in the plugin page.
  6. huh?
  7. I said explicitly in the plugin page that littlemode doesn't work with leaves.
  8. oh so the block will be permanent :( luckily i have backup for that map
  9. What? You can remove the block with /rlb
  10. i think...u could add a command like worldedit: set 2 points and the blocks where in this area will turn small..and it's better to save a project which players create as a model and it can be place again by using commands..
  11. Can you add support for 6-sided logs?

    Also, could you add a Slabs feature? Wink wink, nudge nudge.
  12. I have almost abandoned the plugins world; I did the update for a bug fixing, but I'll think more on this feature, thank you.
  13. Hello, my english isn´t good but....
    I can´t download for my aternos server...
    If you could do something I would appreciate it. :)
  14. Aternos does not support external plugins. The Aternos community needs to vote for it, if I remember correctly. Spend a few bucks on a server and you're good - free hosts usually limit you.
  15. Does not support the data value of the stairs
  16. Hi Rothes, unfortunately this plugin is no longer supported.