Llama Spit Kills Server

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  1. So there is a Llama that kills my server. If anyone walks within range and loads the chunk the Llama is, this happens;

    [Server] ERROR net.minecraft.server.v1_14_R1.EntityLlamaSpit.tick(EntityLlamaSpit.java:30)

    This is what the disaster looks like from a distance. As we're on 1.14, what can be done to solve this? Since we do not have an editor like Mcedit compatible with this version yet.

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  2. this is the scariest problem I have ever seen in a minecraft server
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  3. Anything is possible after 1.12, it seems.
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  4. I can recommend an update to 1.15.. there is no reason for staying on 1.14.4 performance whise.
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  5. This is the most hilarious title I’ve ever seen on this forum. :coffee:
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  6. Now that I've stopped laughing at your thread title...

    I don't see any changes regarding this, so it may be an outstanding bug. I'd make sure you're running the latest 1.14.4 build and submit a bug report if it still occurs.

    If you know what chunk it's in, you could use NBTExplorer to find the llama and delete it. Make a backup first!
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    So believe it or not, this has been happening to at least 2 other people that I'm aware of. I've also noticed they were running 1.14, but that could just be coincidence.

    @BillyGalbreath made a small plugin that will override and kill the Llama Spit, which should help you get rid of it.
    Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289587909051416579/675098174746001408/KillSpit.jar
    Source Code: https://pastebin.com/x909S9Nn

    This plugin only works on 1.14 so don't try it on any other version.

    Your server might still struggle for a bit, but it should kill the llama spit off eventually. You'll see debug in the console. When the problem is resolved, remove the plugin from your server.

    I highly recommend taking an appropriate backup of your server just in case as the plugin is fundamentally destructive - but hopefully only towards Llama Spit :)
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  8. After trying many things to no avail, this solution worked. Much appreciated :)
  9. sorry to necro but i have the same issue on 1.16.1, would this plugin still work / could you recompile it?