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  1. Hi, im having trouble connecting to my Minecraft server. It just says loading terrain and it will say that for about 10-30 sec and then it will say disconnected. It takes me roughly 5-10 tries to connect to the server. Im using spigot im on 1.12.2 I get no errors in console and it does the same thing for everyone who tries to join. Does anyone know what could be causing it? Here is a list of all my server plugins.


  2. Can you set debug mode on true in your server.properties maybe this will give us more to look at.
    Also maybe the map is corrupted? I mean I doubt it but its worth trying to delete the map (of course copy the old one or back it up) and restarting the server to see if a new map fixes the issue.
  3. Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Ive been busy with a lot of stuff. But I did what you said and its still doing the same thing. It takes 5-10 tries before you get in the server but once you get in there is no lag nothing at all.
  4. Very weird. is it a big world? I mean I would suggest you to just contact your hosting support. because I don't see any problems with the plugins that you have.
  5. No it’s a small map and okay I’ll contact someone.

    Thank you.
  6. first of all:
    Is your RAM enough for the server?
    can you send us a log of your server?