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  1. Im searching for a lobby plugin with these features:

    Gadgets (bought with coins)

    A villager (or any mob or chest) giving them RANDOM (with the coins ofc)

    A server compass

    A npc that can teleport you to coords.

    If anyone know wich plugins i need for this id would be great
    Id like to only have 2-3 plugins for this.
  2. Hello!

    I've used Ultra Cosmetics in the past and it works great. It supplies highly-customizable gadgets to players that can be bought with coins.

    Although there are plugins that let you switch servers using a compass, I would recommend using Deluxe Menus to set up your own as you may already have it installed.

    As for the NPC, I would go with Citizens, although it is outdated. There are probably dozens of other plugins that do the same thing as Citizens, though. A simple Google search should do the trick

    I don't know what you mean by "A villager giving them random," but I'm assuming you mean a system similar to that on Mineplex and Hypixel that trades coins for random cosmetics? Again, a Google search should bring up plenty of plugins.

    Hope I helped.
  3. that a villager giving them i mean by like a chest where the gadgets come out but its not that important
  4. I see.

    If I’m correct, Ultra Cosmetics comes with a chest system that does just this. You simply pay a certain amount of coins to open 4 chests, all of which have a chance of giving gadgets or money.

    All of it can be configured to your liking—I highly recommend it.