Bukkit Lobby Presents Find the Presents [1.8-1.13.2] [MYSQL] 4.3

Happy christmas Find the Presents in lobby

  1. Add the ability to change the Speed, Amount and H/V Spread of the particles!
  2. Hey, I'm having some issues with putting a placeholder from this plugin on a scoreboard for a server I'm working on.

    We are using featherboard, here is the placeholder we are using (which is not working):

  3. Tried with just the %'s ?
  4. %'s will not work with Featherboard, it only supports Mvdw, but Mvdw does support PlaceholderAPI
  5. Update to 1.13.2?
  6. Hi your plugin is awesome but i need one little change .. i need in presents.yml use char , in command (like: title %player% subtitle {"text":"Nasel jsi 5000$","color":"yellow"} ) but CHAR , you use for new command and i cant use it in my command.. plz make update where you diferent command with another CHAR maybe ; not , .. thx (sry for my bad eng)
  7. Would be pretty cool if this plugin had leaderboards!