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  1. Hi so I have a Hub server, problem is I want to have signs players click on to join the games lobby, But most game plugins want you to have the "Lobby/signs" in the same world. How can I set it up so players click on a sign in my hub and teleport to games lobby, I'm using this for signs atm. But that just sends you to the "lobby" world and if I use something like on join commands, they just auto join the game not the lobby waiting area. Please help
  2. Hi, I would recommend using DeluxeMenus
    it's much better than the signs
  3. I already have server setup to use signs, plus this mod still doesn't allow me to have a bungee/lobby before they start a game.

    I need setup for Server "hub" has signs and they join a lobby in the server 2, wait until enough players then game starts.

    Example of this setup would be play.hivemc.com
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  4. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/teleport-signs.37446/
  5. I dont think you understand, bungeeteleporter does the same thing as that plugin, the problem I have is showing the arena status like "voting" "ingame" etc. and that when they join the minigame server it doesn't put them in a lobby, if I use onjoincommands it just starts the game
  6. So I have it working for survival games using bungeetelporter signs, and using layout %motd% pulls server status like voting etc, but I don't think I can use %motd% for all minigame plugins unless they have support for it.