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  1. Simply what is a good plugin that when someone joins the server they will go to spawn, NOT the spawn of the WORLD they were last on, but say with essentials you do /setspawn then when you do /spawn you go there, like is there a lobby system that could do that, go to lobby on join not world spawn, because I use multiverse.

  2. Lobby servers are made out of multiple servers with a tool called BungeeCord, and not a single server with multiverse. If you want to make a lobby server on one server, use PerWorldPlugins, WorldChat, BungeeTablist, and SpawnJoin. Only problem if they go thought a portal in your lobby world they will always end up in on the spawn of that world (or what you have configured) and not the position where they left the world, and you can't fix this.
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  3. No, which plugin can u use to set lobbies/hubs wer u go on join, I know ther is one but can't remember wat it's called
  4. I use bungeecord but on my mini game server I use multiverse but so far al the spawn on join plugins teleport u to world spawn not like a server spawn I set, say I'm on sg and leave wen I join I go to spawn of sg not of the server, any ideas?
  5. Link? :eek:
  6. HubSpawn can do what you want.
    Only reason I put it on my server was because I was too lazy to find the download link. (You can decompile it if you want)
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  7. that plugin works how i want but wont spawn u in the right place on join, when i do /setspawn i go just to the same random place.
  8. For some reason these just dont work, could essentials interfere with these?
  9. Doesn't work either, there is also no config??? I reload there is a file but no config, all I need at least is something thta on join will either teleport u to a certain mv world or to a certain point that i set??
  10. Sorry does work, it was cus I was opped :)
    Thanks for all the help
    SpawnTP for da win
  11. One last thing, anyone know a plugin that when u join a multiverse world u will go to the spawn of that world? not where you last wer in that world
  12. Nope, you can use Bungeecord for multiple servers.
  13. Yeah I do, but when I use bungeecord portals when u go through them u end up in the portal, I would like it thta when u join that server/world you go to the spawn not the 'water portal' where u have to swim out
  14. Also, SpawnTP works but if you're deoped you can't do the command /spawn is there a permission for this?
  15. essentials.spawn
  16. It's not essentials, it's SpawnTP
  17. Nvm it's in the config