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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a lobby plugin for 1.8.8 Spigot.

    This should have the following:
    - Silent Lobby
    - AutoNick (/nick, /unnick and /realname. If it is activated and you go into a world other than the lobbies, a / nick command is executed automatically)
    - Lobby Compass
    - Hide Players
    - Lobby Switcher + Premium Lobbys (So to speak, a world switcher. With, for example, these commands /setlobby1, /setlobby2, /setpreiumlobby1 and so on.)
    - Friend and Party System
    - The plugin should be German if it is possible.
    - And maybe gadgets (Heads, Pets etc)

    (Sorry for my bad english. I'm german and use the Google translator.)
  2. In order to have all of these features in one plugin, you will probably have to have a custom one made. However, you can download 2-5 different plugins that would provide all of the features you're looking to implement.
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