Spigot [LobbyProtect] 1.2

spawn, lobby, protection, server

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    Spigot.Utils.Lobby (Lobby Protect) - spawn, lobby, protection, server

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    Title update!

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  3. Possible to add a separate permission for moving inventory items, so they cannot build but can move inventory items
  4. Yes, of course it will be added in the next update :)
  5. Awesome :D I'll try suggest more things when I can think of them
  6. That's done ! Do not hesitate to make other suggestions ^^
  7. Does this also disable fire damage? and fall damage?
  8. Yes, the plugin cancels any type of damage
  9. Does it disable items from dropping on death? Maybe add a toggle feature?
  10. Normally the damage is disabled so the players are not supposed to die