Lobby's can't handle all players on gameserver restart

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  1. Hello guys!

    I'm here to try to fix a problem that I has for months..
    Everytime that I restart a GameServer my Lobbys don't support all players and MANY players are kicked from the network and need log in again..

    So, I always had this problem, when i got 400+ online (at one gameserver) everytime I restart the gameserver only a half of players are sent to Lobby (Like, 500 online on my network with one gameserver, restart = 200 are sent to Lobby and the other 300 are KICKED from the network because Lobby's couldn't handle them...).
    Now, I'm still testing some things to release an update and back to get this playerbase and i can't keep with this issue, that's really unprofessional..
    Yesterday in a test i've restarted a gameserver with 130 online, ONLY 45-50 are sen't to the Lobby and the others 80 was kicked from the network..

    Now i've tested it again but analyzing the timings/logs.
    80 Online, just restarted and only 50 are sent to the Lobby's, 30 get kicked (that's weird because yesterday the same number, 50, was what Lobby's were able to support).

    I've 5 Lobby's Online, each one with 4Gb RAM
    When the GameServer restarted i've checked the Lobby's TPS and all was in 19.8 - 20.0
    https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=nucowiboqe - Lobby Timings before the restart;
    https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=xedokufabi - Lobby Timings in the same time that i've restarted;
    https://hastebin.com/alifuquyok.cs - Log when the Lobby just started to recieve players (same time that i've restarted the gameserver and all players should be sent to Lobbies);

    My specs dedicated basically only to Lobby's and Bungee:
    OVH I7 7700k 64gb OC 4c 8t
    System that i'm using to send Players to Lobby's when GameServer restart: CloudNet

    Error when the player are kicked from the GameServer and aren't sent to Lobby: https://proxy.spigotmc.org/69d7fde5...3dee7aca3?url=https://i.imgur.com/9iOBrph.jpg

    My assumptions (Correct me if I'm wrong):
    1º Maybe i can't kick all the players in the same time, because not even bungee can handle that?

    2º Maybe the problem is in my connection as OVH only provide 250mbp up to 1GB and if I teleport many players in the same time, it might be up to 600 Mb of data in 1 second or so. I would need at least 6 Gbps connection to handle that and this is the reason why only few players are teleported, others are kicked as the whole network becames unreachable for a few seconds?
    OBS: My Lobby map is 200x200 and has MANY details

    If you guys know what i can do to fix that or have any advice to me I'll be very grateful.

  2. Trying to understand this a little more. So you have multiple lobbies, is the player load (on reboot) spread across all 5 lobbies or is that what is currently failing?
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  3. The spread across the 5 Lobbies is working, the problem is that even so not all player are sent to these 5 Lobbies (In the last test, with 80 online, only 50 are sent to lobbies, 10 for each one, and other 30 are kicked from the network)
  4. Are you using any kind of plugin to send them back to the lobby when you reboot?

    Edit: (If you want to contact me faster, you can add me on Discord (Glare#8499)).
  5. Just In case maybe you have 5 lobbies but for some reason a range players are sent to a 6th that does'nt exist. It just an idea :cool:
  6. Yes, I'm using CloudNet (it manages these sent teleport when the gameservers goes down)

    I don't think so :x
  7. Is CloudNet up to date? There was a new release yesterday. If the update doesn't work and you're sure that's what handles/should handle the teleports you'd be better off contacting the author.
  8. Yes, it's updated. I'm waiting the author response.
    Idk if the problem can be CloudNet, maybe my Lobby Map or some Plugin (beucase i already had this problem before using MultyLobby plugin to balance the players to Lobbies)
  9. Just an idea, What if you send your players with a delay.. Example:

    10 players are sent to the lobby
    another 10 players are sent.
    That loops until all the players are gone, then the server restarts.
  10. I was thinking about it but sometimes when i restart my test gameservers (that are online for test purpouses) with only me online I'm not sent to Lobby, but sometimes i am... So, i think the problem isn't at all sent "All players" at same time..
  11. Hummm.
    I think you meant 18:28:44

    So, the players are sent with CloudNet, right? What happens if you send them via the /server comand?

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