1.15.2 /Locate help

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Jay_Slayzz, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Making a world compass plugin for our SMP.

    Im looking to use /locate but through console from the users position.

    They can craft a world compass for 65 diamonds (7 Blocks and 2 Diamonds) and right click it to open a menu where they choose what they want coords for.

    Looking to be able to use the /locate command from the players position but through console so players dont have to be OP

    Any help would be appriciated,
  2. SteelPhoenix


    So what is the problem and why do you want to execute /locate?
    World#locateNearestStructure(@NotNull Location origin, @NotNull StructureType structureType, int radius, boolean findUnexplored) exists you know...
  3. I didnt know this. Thanks :)