Solved Location can be turned off

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  1. Location can be turned off
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  2. Wasn't that plugin delete from Spigot? It was premium as well... lol.
    Can you show proof you bought it before we give you support?
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  3. What do you mean? I did not understand what you said? This plugin exists under Youtube videos. Is not this plugin made by Spigot? I liked and downloaded the plugin, what proof are you talking about? I live in turkey. I'm not good at speaking your language. Can you speak a little clearer?
    I could not find a site where this Plugin was sold. I still have not solved the intent to think it's a premium. I think you are very prejudiced.
  4. Looking for information about this plugin I looked at what was written 2 years ago. I saw a person asking for help from others about this Add-on. And again, you said that it was removed instead of helping. I do not understand your purpose. If you do not want to help, you do not have to write this either. If you do not know this Plugin, you do not have to type it again. " You're trying to make premium " , That sentence made me angry that frankly. I'm telling you what I need help with. Look at what you said. Anyway, thanks anyway