Locations to DB?

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  1. Would it be possible to offload the locations datafile to a mysql db? This would allow multiple distributed bungeecord servers to participate on one "grid/community/etc". Allowing users to disconnect and save location from one bungeecord instance and restore on another transparently.

    ;) I am up to no good but a big no good.
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    At the moment, there really is no use case I can see for this, with the exception of ShotBow, who runs 3000 users at once using multiple Bungees.
    I haven't included MySQL stuff out the box because its even more confusing for more users, but the developer APIs are there.

    I'm all ears if you can justify having more than 1 Bungee, and your servers are less than 500 users in total.
  3. The case is to allow them multiple Bungees to track and share location information even if the next connection is to a different instance. This allows the potential for fail-over and load balancing and other topologies that are not limited to somewhat a single instance solution. I tend to look to scalability, growth and potentials before hand ... not after.

    If the detection and alteration of disconnect, last location (server,xyz), login and force login spawn (server,xyz) is in the API then yes, I need to brush up on it.

    Also, I will be sure to submit proof of user base before next request.
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    You could probably work something out with lazertester, he owns the ShotBow Minecraft Network, capable of handling over 3000 users at once, and is currently rewriting their system from a Bungee mod to a plugin using the API. If you want to do this yourself, I wrapped it up nicely in the ReconnectManager, and if you need it, the ConfigurationAdapter.
  5. perhaps this functionality may be useful in future deployments of 'instanced dungeon/adventure' maps. That's if someone would like to have a separate bungee handle their instance servers. But it sparks curiosity more than anything else... how possible would it be to forward a player from one bungee to another in a similar way they forward the player to a server? Theoretically, just add the bungee name and port into your servers section of the config, and upon reaching that bungee, it could then forward the player to a server that is managed by it. Wow... the possibilities...