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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Herogx, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I decided that I'd post this since it's a topic that I think is becoming rather concerning here on Spigot. Before I continue, what exactly am I advocating?

    Lock threads that are in any section related to programming/plugin development that are simply requests for fixes or "free/spoonfed code".

    What is "spoonfeeding"?
    Spoonfeeding is pretty much someone displaying that they have made zero effort or very little effort to understand why their code does not work, or they have a desire to do something and just want the code that does that "thing".

    Why is spoonfeeding an issue?
    There are a whole array of reasons as to why its bad. Here's a list of them.
    • First and foremost, it does not solve the problem should the community actually commit to spoonfeeding the person asking for code. By this I mean they already put no effort into actually understanding what was wrong prior to asking, what makes you think they're going to bother to understand what is wrong afterwards? Yea, that's right, they're going to copy/paste that sucker. This does not help Spigot, as a community, in any foreseeable way and in fact it hurts us quite a lot.
    • Usually, those threads end up in flame wars, I've seen it a multitude of times since I started using spigot much more regularly, and honestly its not a pretty thing. Basically, you have three types of people involved, those who want the spoonfeeding, those who will do the spoonfeeding and those who will abstain and tell said person to go learn java or some such. All three parties are at fault, the last one probably the least so, since its possible to just report and ignore those threads and remain in that group. Those who give the code fuel the fire, the person who gets the code won't learn anything and will be back for more later when their stuff breaks. Again. The last party telling said person to "go learn java" or identifying that they are requesting spoonfeeding is pretty much flame baiting. Yes, sometimes people need to be told. But not by you, because that can go either way, and as seen on many occasions on this forum, it can and will result in insults been thrown around. I don't think the small amount of threads that encompass this theme are really worth keeping considering the substantially larger amount of threads that result in a train wreck.
    • It's literally spam that knocks people who actually really desire to understand what their problem is off the page. We should be trying to help those people who want to understand why something won't work as much as possible, and those simply requesting copy/pastes or those who have put forth minimal effort shouldn't be getting any spotlight. They should be informed that what they are doing is requesting spoonfeeding and that they should investigate the issue more. If they still can't after that, then they can post a thread identifying the problem or asking for help stating what they have tried so far.
    That, for the most part, is it. I think. Really people fighting when they should be helping each other is a problem. I am not looking to make this an elitist community, I literally just want to help those who need help. People requesting spoonfeeding need help too, but they need to do some work on their side first, in my opinion. This thread is mostly opinion and honestly, I don't think it much to just report threads when they derail into a flame war, it just makes sense to me to disallow this type of thread to prevent future flame wars. Spigot is a community about helping each other, not flaming the new guys.

    Thanks for reading and I understand if there is going to be opposing opinions about this.
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  2. Well made thread.

    I totally agree with you !
  3. Or just ban spoon feeders and the ones expecting to be spoonfed? Just kidding, or am I?
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  4. Spoon feeding isn't bad in some cases. If the person asks to be spoon fed, it's bad. If someone spoon feeds someone, depending on the topic it could be bad. For example, the undocumented horror of NMS, would be somewhat okay. But a simple hello world plugin, bad.
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  5. Not going to get too into this topic, just going to leave my opinion here.
    I don't like seeing people that EXPECT to be spoon fed. That being said, I have spoon fed people in the past, even though they weren't begging for it. However I don't think there's an issue with it at Spigot. :)
  6. This is exactly the kind of spoonfeeding I am talking about. Minimal effort posts are somewhat subjective and honestly I don't know where I stand on that.
  7. Exactly, expecting to be spoon fed is the worst. Spoon feeding others isn't bad(on some cases, read my post for details)
  8. Well, I still think that you should be asking to be pointed in the right direction prior to just blatantly asking for the "magic solution" to your problems.
  9. Yes, that's what we're all saying :D Glad we're at an agreement here.
  10. saphiria


    I don't think it's fair to say someone's asking to be spoonfed. If they need help, and you don't want to help them don't reply. I feel this is more of a case by case matter.
  11. The forum moderators here I'd quite imagine already have their hands full. Spigot is a big community and rules get broken here all the time. Threads where OP directly asks for someone to just give them the solution is a source of flame wars, why not just force people to put forth some effort and remove these threads?
  12. saphiria


    Your saying they have their hands full, and this will only give them more reports. If just takes a little self control to prevent a war. People that won't read a wiki or guides won't read the rules, hence giving moderators more work.
  13. You are completely missing the point, the point is that moderators can "just lock" those threads, preventing the flame war which would involve many more moderator actions due to the fact that there was a flame war.

    Which sounds easier to you, locking a thread and pasting a template response that tells the OP to put a bit more effort into their problem themselves OR dealing with a 30 post flame war when you could be attending to other more important issues? Stating that there will be more reports generated because of this is simply not true, you need to re-examine the situation. Multiple reports for the thread to get locked can all be closed. This reduces the total report count for that thread to 1, really, however when it devolves the other way it can be many more.
  14. saphiria


    I see what you mean now. I still don't see the point. "Put more effort into the problem." I feel like that would come across as rude to new members of the community. I would gladly help them. I don't see this as a problem currently. Yes it happens a little bit here and there but it's no need to keep people from asking questions. Everyone started at the same place.
  15. You're still missing the point. That's being nit picky, I spend 80% of my time on this forum in the programming section. I see threads exactly like what I have mentioned all the time and keep in mind, my sample space is small. There is absolutely a way to say it without being rude, because it simply isn't a rude notion. "Put more effort into the problem" may be a poor choice of words, and can easily be replaced with "We advocate that you investigate the solution to your issue prior to asking for help. If you try and still fail, please post another thread :)".

    I am not pushing for people to stop asking questions. That is an elitist notion and something I am VERY uncomfortable with.
  16. saphiria


    If you want people to stop asking questions then maybe reply politely to there thread. I still feel no need to lock the thread. If someone wants to help let them help. Basically the only thing I don't like is that you are locking threads for it. I feel just a nice PM or reply is good enough.
  17. Did you read my last post? At what point did I event hint that I don't want people to ask questions.
  18. saphiria


    Sorry let me rephrase that.

    If you want people to stop asking to be spoonfed just ask politely rather than locking the thread.
  19. And, I've already highlighted that exactly that action that you are suggesting generally results in a flame war, more times than not.
  20. Another factor to this issue is the spoonfeeders. They only promote these types of threads popping up.
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