Spigot LockSecurity 2.0.0

Locking containers with keys so only you and your friends can have access to them!

  1. Choco


    I believe this is already fixed in a version I had neglected to release. My apologies, I'll be sure to release a new version later tonight when I'm able to log on to my laptop :)
  2. Thank you bro :)

    Tell me one thing, is I remember right, the ID is represented by the x y z location is that right ?

    If it is, could you please hide it ? Because i want to hide any location on my server, and your plugin could ruin it if you know what I mean. People could know the locations, by just locking chects at some places.

    But I'm not sure, you use that kind of ID.
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  3. Choco


    The ID (Both LockID and KeyID), are merely incremental. It's not location based :D no worries
    Expect a new version in a couple hours. I've got no proper Ethernet at the moment

    EDIT: Are you possibly running Vault on your server, but not an economy plugin? If so, that's most likely why the issue was occurring. I've just made a fix for it, and I will upload it as soon as possible after testing the changes I've made

    EDIT 2: View the newest release of LockSecurity ( with the new bug fixes :)
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  4. Choco


    2008Choco updated LockSecurity with a new update entry:

    Vault-Related Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Thank you very uch, now you said it, I notice that indeed I'm running vault, but no economy plugin, as I don't need any, and i don't like the economy feature you implemented. Thank you very much, I have not tested it, but it should work now, if you found it. I'll come back to you to tell you if it is indeed working or not.

    Also what you could do, not for me, because i use a plugin for recipes, but maybe add a way to change the recipe ?

    Thank you very much, your plugin is the only one out there, doing the job, and I'm really happy you work on it, as soon as someone reports a bug, or something. Good job.
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  6. Choco


    I had thought so! I made sure to install Vault to my server without any economy just to make sure no errors occurred, and it didn't seem as though any did. If it does continue, let me know, and I'll see what I can do (Over a private message perhaps).

    As for custom recipes, it's a little harder to implement than you might think. However, I'll see what I can do. I can't promise a release like, right at this very moment, but I definitely can think of a smooth way to implement this. It'll be tricky though. At least this plugin only has one recipe! :D (Unlike AlchemicalArrows, with about 15 possibilities for configurable recipes)
  7. It's ok :) for the recipe, and if you want to talk over skype, if you may, just send me your skype in PM, and we would talk, there that would be much easier for us to communicate I think.

    Also, I have to tell you, that I'm glad, that it finally works after months. So now I can enjoy your plugin again, but I also take advantage to test everything, and it seems there are some bugs (minor) but still need to talk about, First i had a crash, like my server save itself, and stop, don't know if it comes with your plugin, but this is the only one i installed lately, and never done that before, so if you could check.

    So as for the bugs, i noticed first, that we can't lock iron doors ? Maybe, you don't want to deal with redstone event ? But it's quite ok now, as there are multiple wooden doors.

    One bug I notice is that if you throw a unsmith key on the ground, and pick it up, it would automaticly go as a locked key, if you have one in your inventory. It's quite weird. Also, i would like a feature if possible, which allow us to unlock a key, to get an unsmith, as I have notice another bug or maybe not, but still annoying thing, which is that if you destroy a locked block (chest for example) the ID key would never be the same, which means the key would become useless forever ? The reason, i want it to be craft again, to an unsmith one. And I'm wondering, that the ID number can go really high quick, if people wants fun with keys and locks a lot, as obviously we never go back to a previous ID, even if the block is destroyed ?

    Last, but not least lol, I have tested something, when you lock a chest, and put another check next to it, then it says you can open it, like he should, if you don't have the key, but if you click fast enough, on the second chest you placed after you lock the first one, then it still open the chest (double one). This is bad, because people just have to put a chest next to a locked one, and they can open it, Only solution is to lock only double chest.

    Ok, I think that's it for the moment, but if you want more private talk, and less boring, than a forum, just add me on skype through PM.

    Again than you, for making this great plugin.
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  8. Choco


    Lots of things! :D I love bugs. Things for me to fix

    The reason I left iron doors out of the lockable blocks is because they're already lockable. There's really no need for it that I could find. I've dealt with redstone events for locking wooden doors, but I thought that iron doors wouldn't need to be locked considering that's their purpose. Maybe I'll revisit it

    The unsmithed key on the ground to a locked key, I'm not quite sure what you mean. I'll see if I can replicate that, because I've never encountered it and I'm not sure why it would happen. Though I thought of perhaps putting a locked key in a crafting table turning it into an unsmithed key. That might be a nice way of doing it. I'll see what I can do :D

    As for the last one with the chests, that's interesting. Definitely not intended. I should prevent that, and I think I'll do it by preventing people from placing chests next to locked chests if it creates a double chest. So, essentially, I'll make it so that you have to have the chest unlocked before placing another chest next to it.

    Thank you for the suggestions and bug reports :D I really appreciate it
  9. No problem, and yes I definetly agree with the double chest, infact I have seen a plugin doing it before, preventing the other chest to be placed next to a locked one, Only way, and best to stop this bug.

    Iron door, you could still do it, at least, let the admin choose in the config file, if he wants to disable it or not.

    And, the unsmithed key on the ground, transforming to a lock key (with an ID), is weird, but if we could uncraft the keys, then it would be ok at least.

    Thank you.
  10. Choco


    I've started making the requested changes :) also found a few bugs of my own I was not aware of. I'll allow for iron doors and iron trapdoors to be lockable, but it won't be a default option for the reasons I mentioned above

    So far, I've added the recipe to convert a locked key to an unsmithed key, but I could not replicate the issue with the unsmithed key converting to a locked key upon pick up.

    EDIT: added all requested features and fixed all requested bugs (plus some extra bugs I was unaware of whilst testing). Just a bit more fine tuning and version 1.8.2 will be available soon
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  11. Wow, awesome bro :)

    You understand all my bugs i mentioned and fix them, which is great, Can't wait to test it. Also, i have a feature, i remember asked you a long time ago, could you please make multiple keys go on some sort of key ring, because I have restricted my inventory to 9 slots only, and keys takes one slot which is a little bit too much, and I have seen other plugin do keyrings, with a GUI, you click on the keyring, it opens a 9 slots GUI, and you can put 9 keys on it.

    That feature, is really demanded, so if you could do it, that would just be great.

    Thank you.
  12. Choco


    My version of key rings was the combination of keys in the crafting table. Putting 2 keys in a crafting table will combine their key ID's. Yes, you are allowed to combine a key with 2 ID's and another key with 3 ID's if you'd like, and it will result in a key with 5 ID's. That's the solution I had thought of for that :)

    Releasing a new version as I'm writing this message. Just writing up the changelog

    EDIT: It has been released. View version 1.8.2 of LockSecurity for the update notes :D
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  13. Choco


    2008Choco updated LockSecurity with a new update entry:

    General Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  14. Choco


    You're using a version of LockSecurity built for 1.9 on a 1.8.8 server. That's really the only issue. Just use a version built for 1.8.x until you upgrade your server :)
  15. Thank you, now there are no errors. :oops::)
  16. This seeems a very complete plugin and very useful! Would it be possible that after some days of owner's inactivity the protection dissapear?

  17. Choco


    Actually, I had considered adding that. I'm sure you know I'm in the process of absolutely rewriting this from the very beginning, and I'm actually almost done. I've just taken a bit of a break as I'm stumped on something. Though I wouldn't mind adding this as it wouldn't be super difficult. I'll keep this noted down :D Sure. I can't guarantee it'll be in 2.0.0, but I sure will make an effort. If not, 2.0.1 will definitely have it ^-^
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  18. Thank you very much 2008Choco!!
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  19. could you add onetime use option?