Spigot LockServer [Outdated] 0.0.2

Lock your server easily to fix a bug quickly

  1. This already exists in Minecraft itself, it's called whitelist ;)
  2. No, a whitelist is something durable, which is configured for several server restarts. Here, the plugin only serves a few minutes to fix a bug for example, and without having to restart the server. ;)
  3. You don't have to restart your server to toggle the whitelist :p
  4. Yes I know, but I want to say that it's more "difficult", you need to use ftp or a whitelist plugin. Here it is very fast, and it is necessary to be fast if we spot a bug allowing the players to get operated by connecting in crack for example.
  5. But you are right, if you already have a good whitelist plugin or always open ftp, the utility of my plugin is very limited!
  6. No no, whitelist comes with Minecraft itself. Try it, /whitelist on/off :)
  7. BTW, the page looks awesome, did you use Photoshop for that?
  8. Thanks for that, I did not know! xD

    Yes, I often use photoshop, c4d or studio photofiltre X when I do my descriptions (It's my secret that people download my plugins even if they can use the / whitelist :p) !